Jobs In Uganda: You can Get them

The number of people without jobs in Uganda is increasing as the days pass by, there existed so may job opportunities in the past but that is no longer true anymore. If really need to get employed, you should become serious about it, there are many people who sit at home and only complain that there are no vacancies in Uganda yet they are not doing enough to look for jobs.

Its true there are few jobs compared to people who need them but it is also true that many people get jobs every day and that’s why I normally say that anyone who is serious cannot miss getting what to do. There are many NGO jobs in Uganda, UN jobs in Uganda , banks, telecom companies, and the private sector.

There are also going to be many petroleum jobs in Uganda 2010 given the fact that the oil drilling is soon kicking off. As with all other vacancies, there must be some completion to get such jobs, our work on this website will be list each vacancy as they are availed.

The new policy to have all public servants retire by 50 may not be of major benefit to many and that should not be a good reason for a job seeker to relax. We really understand that the unemployment situation is too bad in Uganda and that’s why we do our best to make sure the employment levels in Uganda go a little higher when we post new jobs every now and then


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