Jobs in Warid telecom Uganda

If you need jobs in Uganda, it always a good idea to try Warid, the company is growing and jobs are opening up every time. But do not think it is that easy to get a vacancy in such companies, you will need to prove you will be of value to them given the fierce competition in the market.

Warid customer care jobs can be the easiest to get since there are many workers in the department and many of them leave for different reasons. One think I like about them is that they are so transparent in their job recruitment; Warid is one of the few companies that list job vacancies they have to the public.

Warid also have a good salary structure for their sales agents, however, if you need to work in that department, you will not deal with the main company but with their dealers. They always have so many jobs though most of them are not so good for graduates.
If you want to work with the main company, you should take you job application to the headquarters just after UNDP, In fact, you if you want jobs in MTN Uganda, UN jobs in Uganda, and many other major companies, you can write all the job applications at once since many of them are located near Warid.

Address you Curriculum vitae to Musoke Joseph; he is currently (Jan 2010) the Human Resource of the company. He is a very good person who really cares. I have talked to him more than once and I know that when you address your job application to him, you may get lucky.

Just make sure that your application letter and curriculum vitae are perfect, it is not always a guarantee that when you apply for a job, you get it. But the good think is that, if you continue checking on this website, you will be finding new job opportunities in Uganda and jobs in Warid telecom Uganda

Jobs in Uganda through your Email

 You can actually get jobs in Uganda right from your email if you sign up at  Jobs in Uganda Email service  , many people have been helped by this service and many are still being helped. Jobs and vacancy advertisers will be able to spot you from where you are. Below are the top employers in Uganda where you can get jobs 

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