Tumu Hospital Jobs in Uganda

Job Title: Resident Doctor/ Health Services Manager

•    Direct, supervise and evaluate work activities of medical, nursing and other technical staff.
•    Coordinate with all consultant specialists to attend to patients on specific days.
•    Acts a chief technical advisor tot eh board on all technical issues.
•    Advising the board on future investments to expand institution.
•    Making sure that logistical department purchases the right drugs and other supplies that require technical advice.
•    Day today treatment of patients both out patient and impairment.
•    Advising management on all legal issues.

•    Graduate of human medicine from any recognized university.
•    Experience of working in a rural medical institution will be advantage.
•    Experience of not less than 3 years in medical practice.
•    Current registration with medical and dental practitioner’s board.
•    Well developed communication and organizational skills.
•    Ability to perform minor surgeries.
•    Ladies are particularly encouraged to apply.
•    Expatriate staffs are also encouraged to apply.
•    Valid driving permit.

Send a letter showing and explaining why you are the right person.
Mark application with Application for the position of Resident Doctor/Health services manager)

The Executive director
TUMU hospital/medical training institute

Email: tumusiimejohnson@yahoo.co.nz.
Deadline: ten days from publication of advert.

Field Officer - Micro Finance job Vacancy at Profiles International

Job Title: Field Officer - Micro Finance
Station: Lira

•    Check to confirm that all SACCO transactions are timely and correctly recorded.
•    Ensure that the SACCO’s cash reserve books and other permanent records are properly kept.
•    Check SACCO’s expenditure to ensure that they comply with expenditure.
•    Ensure that the SACCO’s internal controls are effective and that they are being complied with.
•    Ensure that the SACCO transaction documents are properly kept in a retrievable manner.
•    Check and ensuring that the SACCO’s operating policies, procedures and guidelines are efficient.
•    Conduct trainings.
•    Conduct internal audit and prepare periodical SACCO management audit reports and presenting them to the respective committees.

Qualifications and experience:
•    B.com (finance / accounting) from recognized university.
•    Possession of additional qualifications in relevant field like ACCA is a n added advantage/.
•    A minimum of 2 years working experience in relevant in similar fields.
•    Good understanding of cooperatives.
•    Knowledge of the local language highly desired.
Age: 25 – 30

Contract to be for 6 months but renewable.
Should start working immediately if appointed.
Remuneration is attractive and competitive.
Apply with CVs and copies of academic credentials.
Send by email to: National Director, Profiles International Uganda Ltd, profilesuganda@utlonline.co.ug.
Deadline: 11th March 2011.

Profiles International Uganda

Job Title: Field Officer – Agricultural; Production and Marketing.

•    Guide primary societies in the formation and strengthening of Area Cooperative Enterprises (ACEs).
•    Promote bulk marketing and ensure that ACEs and associated primaries continually increase.
•    Promote and increase volumes of inputs marketed through the ACEs and primary societies.
•    Ensure that the ACEs and primary societies increase their income from omission and other sources.
•    Identify and develop partnerships with private sector players.
•    Assist in strengthening of the market information system in cooperatives.
•    Promote and develop the ware house receipt system.

Qualifications and Experience:
•    Good Bsc Agriculture, Agricultural economics or Agribusiness from a recognized university.
•    Minimum of 2 years working experience in similar jobs.
•    Good understanding and promotion of value chain concept.
•    Development of operating and reporting systems for producers.
•    Knowledge of loyal language highly desired.
•    Good communication and presentation skills.

Contract to be for 6 months but renewable.
Should start working immediately if appointed.
Remuneration is attractive and competitive.
Apply with CVs and copies of academic credentials.
Send by email to: National Director, Profiles International Uganda Ltd, profilesuganda@utlonline.co.ug.
Deadline: 11th March 2011.

Final Lists Of The Successful Candidates For The Belgian Scholarship Programme 2011

The Belgian embassy in Kampala and the Belgian Development Agency (BTC) warmly congratulate the successful candidates for the Belgian Scholarship Programme 2011. You are also reminded to provide BTC (Plot 1, Lower Kololo Terrace) with a valid admission letter by the 30th of June 2011 before being allowed to sign a scholarship contract.

For the successful candidates in the health and education sectors please pick a bonding agreement from your respective ministry:

- For MoH: Mr Charles Isabirye, Ass. Commissioner Personnel.
- For MoES: Mr Stephen Opio Okiror, Ass. Commissioner Personnel

Bonding agreements will be signed by the candidates and brought to BTC before being allowed to sign a contract with the Belgian Development Agency


Successful candidates for Education   

1    Berocan Jimmy
2    Okello Jimmy
3    Afayoa Robert
4    Mbabazi Ruth
5    Amagu Paulino
6    Wanichan James
7    Nkurunungi Roland
Msc Sport Science   
8    Walugembe Ronald
9    Omudu Charles
10    Tsemayi Vincent
11    Tumuhairwe David
12    Kinene Anthony
13    Kyobutungi Diane
14    Amongin Christine
MA Enterepreneurship   
15    Eton Marcus
16    Tugume Karitani Andrew
17    Kaalo Julius
MA Education Management    
18    Mwumaneza Emmanuel
19    Anite Patricia
20    Nlunyolo Annet
Reserve list   
1    Opila Lazarus
2    Katumwebaze Naome
3    Muniaba Samuel
4    Majariwa David
5    Akiteng Agnes

    General programme
Successful candidates   
1    Muwonge Wadamba Majid
2    Nakafeero Anne Lillian
3    Okuyo A Charles Bosco
4    Namala Mable Charity
5    Asiimwe Francis Xavier
6    Komakech Alfred
7    Kazungu Moses
8    Tumusiime Dan
9    Adiochi Sylvia Marrion
10    Kyobutungi Peace
11    Nekesa Esther
12    Ainebyona Denis
13    Sekikubo Richard
14    Kizza Teddy
15    Acheng Susan Auma
16    Bua Martha Peace
17    Tukahirwa Kosia Kankore
18    Kwitonda Angelo (Belgium)
Reserve list   
1    Mugume Evelyn( R1)
2    Alupo Scola ( R2)
3    Mayanja Yasin Sadiq(R3)
4    Nanhumba Ronald Lunabala (R4)

Successful candidates for Health           

    1    Odongo James   

    2    Byaruhanga Charles   
    3    Kimera Joel   
    4    Ocokoru Christine   
    5    Oyella Shiela   

    6    Malinga Raymond   
    7    Sekimpi Robert   
    8    Pariyo Godfrey       

    9    Etolu John       

    10    Ronald Robinson       
    11    Oluka Simon       
    12    Aderu David       
    13    Ssozi Dennis       

    Mmed Anaesthesia           
    14    Kwikiriza Andrew       
    15    Kojjo Charles       

    16    Baguma Moses       
    17    Kyeyune Mbabali       
    18    Sr Nassozi Sylvia       
    19    Arach Josephine       
    20    Namatovu Jane       
    21    Seere Geoffrey       
    22    Badaaza Mathias       

    23    Ms Alaso Alice       

    BSC NURSING           
    24    Kemigisha Rosemary       
    25    Kyaligonza Imelda       

    Mmed Radiology           
    26    Nassanga Rita               

    BSC PHARMACY                   
    27    Nanyonjo Anne Mary               
    28    Tucungwire Godfrey               

    29    Edyoki Godwin               

    MSC EPIDEMOLOGY & BIOSTATISTICS                   
    30    Edelu Andrew               

Reserve list                       
    1    Mayanja Alex ( R1)               
    2    Kibudde Solomon ( R2)               
    3    Magona Patrick (R1)               
    4    Kiwanuka Tusuubira (R 1)
    5    Namulindwa Rosette (R1)
    6    Nansiri Sanyu (R2)
    7    Mwase Richard (R2)
    8    Tumukunde Janat (R1)
    9    Ssuna Timothy F (R1)
    10    Syda Bint Suleman (R1)

Government of Belgium Scholarships in Uganda for Masters, Bachelors and Short Training Programmes

The Government of Belgium, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Sports, will award bilateral SCHOLARSHIPS to Health Workers working in the Public sector and PNFPs, Ugandan professionals working in the Education sector for Public Institutions and Ugandan nationals (civil servants, employees from the private sector and the civil society) for the academic year 2011/2012.

The Belgian Government provides scholarships for Masters, Bachelors and Short Training Programmes at Local, Regional, and Belgian universities.

The Belgian Government actively promotes gender balance in its scholarship programme and candidates working upcountry will be given priority. Studies at reputable universities all over Uganda can be funded.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

You can apply for a scholarship if you meet the following requirements.

For Master studies:

¨       Ugandan national

¨       You do not exceed 35 years old on 31/5/2011.

¨       You  have a Bachelors Degree

¨       The course is relevant to your work

¨       You have a valid letter of admission to the relevant university by 30th June 2011.

¨       You have the written authorization of your employer and a letter of guarantee of employment after completing the studies

For Bachelor studies (Health Workers and BTVET institutions only):

¨       Ugandan national

¨       You do not exceed 30 years old on 31/5/2011

¨       You have an A-level certificate or an equivalent

¨       You have a letter of admission to the relevant university by 30th June 2011.

¨       You have the written authorization of your employer and a letter of guarantee of employment after completing the studies


For Short Training Programmes (Belgium / Region/Uganda):

¨       Ugandan national

¨       The course is relevant to your work

¨       You have the written authorization of your employer and a letter of guarantee of employment after completing the studies

¨       You have a valid letter of admission to the relevant programme

For which Programme can I apply?

Programmes listed on this website are legible for funding at all reputable and chartered institutions all over Uganda.  Candidates must be ready to start during the year of award of the scholarship and NOT later.

Priority courses for funding under the Health Sector for Masters and Bachelors. (Kindly note that you can only apply for Bachelors strictly for these courses: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and Pharmacy)

§         Master of Medicine Specialisation: Anaesthesia, Pathology, Community Practice (family medicine), Psychiatry, Neuro-Surgery, ENT Surgery, Ophthalmology, Radiology

§         Oral Facial Maxilla Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics

§         Sub Speciality (super specialist) Training: Urology, Neurology, Nephrology, Otology, Audiology, Dermatology

§         Nursing Specialist Training: Intensive Care Nursing, ENT Nursing, Oncology, Spinal Nursing, Ophthalmic Nursing, Theatre Nursing, Cardiac Perfusion, Neonatology, Neurology, Dialysis, Paediatrics

§         Other training priority training areas:

§         Leadership and Management

§         Palliative Care; Counselling; Quality Care

§         Health Service Management; Hospital Management; Health Promotions & Education; Biostatistics & Applied Epidemiology; Policy, Planning & Management; Health Economics

§         Biomedical Engineering, Haematology, Clinical Pharmacy., Clinical Medicine, Information Communication & Technology (ICT); Informatics

Priority courses for funding under the Education Sector

For, Bachelors (Exclusively for applicants from BTVET institutions ONLY), Masters studies in Uganda for Field Staff serving in Public Institutions applications are welcome from the following institutions for the courses indicated.


NATURE OF COURSE (Masters) in Uganda

National teachers Colleges (NTCs)

·    Science , Maths and Information ,Education Technology

Uganda Technical  Colleges (UTCs)

·    Electrical Engineering

·    Mechanical Engineering

·    Civil Engineering

·    Architecture

·    Education Technology ET

·    Water Engineering

Uganda Colleges of Commerce (UCCs)

·    Information Technology

·    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

Health Training Institutions(HTI)

·    Public Health  and management

·    Nursing

·    Radiology

·    Orthopaedics

·    Education Management/ Administration

Teachers/Lecturers and Tutors

Head teachers and deputies

·    English Language

·    Sciences

·    Mathematics

·    Special Needs Education(SNE)

·    Education Technology

·    Guidance and Counselling

·    Fine Art

·    Sports Science

·    MBA- (Human Resource Management)

·    HRM/Project Management

·    MED (Education Management)

Public Universities

·    Petroleum Studies

·    Textile Technology

·    Food Technology and Value Addition

·    Health and HIV and AIDS

·    Irrigation Engineering

·    Procurement Management

·    Sports Science

·    MA Education Management

BTVET institutions

·    Bachelor of Science in engineering fields

General programme: Priority areas for other applicants who work outside the Health and Education sectors) (Civil Servants, Employees from the private sector and from the Civil Society) for Masters.

Courses applied for MUST be directly related to the sectors and the themes of the Belgian Development Cooperation. These are: agriculture and food security, basic infrastructures (water, irrigation, secondary roads, rural electrification, etc.), conflict prevention and peace building, equal promotion of men and women, protection of the environment, promotion of social economy.

How and when can I apply for the scholarship?

Applicants can obtain application form for the academic year 2011 /2012 from the Embassy of Belgium website; www.diplomatie.be/kampala and Belgian Development Agency website; www.btcctb.org. These forms are only available on the websites.

Filled in application forms should be returned to the Embassy of Belgium at the address below from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 1 pm latest Tuesday 30th November 2010 at 12:00pm. Please do not send your file by e-mail.

Note: Only candidates complying with the criteria should apply for a scholarship. Short listed candidates will be invited to the Belgian embassy for an interview at a later date that shall be communicated through the above websites.


Rwenzori House, 3rd Floor, Lumumba Avenue,

P.O. Box 7043



The Scholarships Programme for the 2011/2012 Academic Year is now CLOSED

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