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We are glad you would like to advertise with Best Uganda Jobs. We guarantee you real value for money. . We are now the number one jobs site with more than half a million page views per Month..

One reason why this site is the best advertising option for any Ugandan business, is because we put your advert on all pages of our website which literally means that all our visitors will see your ad. This is different from other websites which will put your ad on particular pages only.

Our Advertising rates are very low depending on the place you would like your advert to appear and the size of the ad. The rates can go down to10 dollars which make us the cheapest yet the most efficient advertising avenue in Uganda.

Our advertising options include but not limited to

125×125 ad banner
250×250 ad banner
Large Rectangle
Sky Crappers
Small button...etc at the location of your choice

All our advert slot are dedicated (not shared)

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Email: or call us on 0718222222

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