IAA Job in Uganda- Administrative Assistant

Job Title : Administrative Assistant


DEPARTMENT : Administration

POSITION : Administrative Assistant

REPORTS TO : Senior Doctor/ IMC Business Manager
INTERFACES WITH : HR, Finance, Clients, Staff, other Department Managers

To support the Senior Medical Officer (SMO) in overseeing the smooth running of the clinic, ensuring that all
departments are managed in line with agreed IMG standards to foster an efficient and effective service delivery
system. You will be held accountable for specific performance indicators and responsible in this job description and
in accordance to the IMG 5 pillars of:
1. Patient Safety
2. Quality of Care
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Productivity
5. Profitability
1. A good management or business degree/diploma from a recognized university
2. Good and demonstrable understanding of IMG philosophy, vision and strategy
3. Good interpersonal and communication (verbal & written) skills
4. Good and demonstrable leadership skills
5. Ability to communicate effectively with the team and to apply broader objectives at team level
6. Competency in resource budgeting and planning
7. Computer literacy especially MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel)
8. Knowledge and ability to use Navision/Quick books.
9. Ability to work without supervision.
10. Ability to foresee problems and inform or advise direct supervisor accordingly.
11. May call for periodical transfer from one centre to another
a) Timely writing and submission of reports (financial, HR, customer care and operational) as required (weekly
or monthly)
b) Team adherence to minimum working hours as per IMG policy i.e. 45 hours per week
c) Punctuality by all team members as per agreed shifts and rotas
d) Attendance of work by all team members
e) Efficient operation within agreed budgets
f) 100% Navision usage or quick books
g) Productivity of staff and profitability of clinic
h) Level of patient satisfaction as reflected in customer feedback/Minimal customer care complaints regarding
services at the clinic
i) Level of employee satisfaction as reflected in employee satisfaction surveys
j) Level of staff adherence to expected standards of work/ level of disciplinary incidents or misconduct
k) Consistent and timely feedback and troubleshooting.
l) Early preparation and submission of leave and appraisal calendars to appropriate people.
m) Monthly staff meetings done, documented and action points followed up.
n) Set own and monitor departmental Monthly targets and see to their adherence.
o) Timely submission and follow-up of invoices to clients and companies
1. Monitor staff attendance and deal with absenteeism using
a. Departmental Rota
b. Time & Attendance system
2. Be accountable and supervise adherence of staff to minimum standards; which include but not limited to:
a. Time and Attendance
b. Completion of assigned work
c. Health & Safety, Infection Control, Waste Management
d. ISO/QA standards
e. Uniform policy
f. Receipting and posting cash payments
g. Preparing monthly statements for invoicing companies.
3. Take joint accountability with the Senior Doctor for disciplinary issues arising in your clinic’s departments in line
with agreed policy and where necessary, in liaison with your senior manager or HR
4. Together with the Senior Doctor, budget and plan for resources needed and utilized in the unit using guidelines
provided by the finance department on cost centres. This includes efficient use and maintenance of equipment,
consumables, utilities (water, electricity and cable TV), telephones, faxes, etc with clear documentation
5. Prepare weekly reports on the running of the unit on cost/ profit, staffing, systems, etc
6. Communicate departmental monthly rotas to the Clinics Administrator and Operations Manager by 24th of
previous month in line with minimum hours of work policy.
7. Contribute to the identification of training needs in liaison with the senior doctor and/ or team leaders and
implement agreed training interventions, ensuring 100% attendance by team members. This includes
participation in the orientation for new staff and continued training on the job.
1. Oversee patient information management with clear, accurate and monitored systems for filing and archiving
2. Oversee and participate in the reception/ switchboard management ensuring that:
Calls are managed in an efficient, professional manner according to IMG protocol
Telephone usage is adequately used according to IMG guidelines
You and the reception team are accountable for all costs related to telephone usage
3. Overseeing and participating in the clinic’s patient reception, ensuring prompt attention to clients and
addressing their needs professionally, efficiently and without unnecessary delay
4. Follow up customer care reports to improve systems, discipline or commend staff; and ensure that corrective
action is implemented for system and work force failures. This requires that maintain and reinforce a caring,
compassionate approach to customers in line with the IMG values.
5. Together with the Senior Doctor, be accountable for financial and provide weekly/ monthly reports on cash
collections, petty cash expenditure, banking and invoicing as per agreed guidelines from the central finance
6. Ensure that the clinic is furnished with relevant information on the IAA Healthcare, Ugamed, Microcare and
other health schemes to ensure proper fulfillment of Medical Treatment Orders (MTOs), handling of service
entitlements, exclusions and billing, as necessary
7. Together with the Senior Doctor, oversee security measures in the clinic and ensure safety and stewardship
amongst staff
8. Ensure the proper maintenance of the facility, clear and appropriate signage and other physical aspects
9. Ensure that the clinic is efficiently supplied for stationery, equipment, medical and other supplies and oversee
the needs identification, acquisition, retention and maintenance of such resources
10. Be jointly accountable with the senior doctor in monitoring staff performance, adherence to policies and
procedures, rewards and disciplinary measures and advise senior managers on policies that apply to efficient
people management
11. Utilise lateral interlinks with other practice managers to benchmark, share knowledge and implement
continuous improvement strategies for the clinic
12. Undertake any other duties as necessary at the request of senior management or the line manager, which are
commensurate with the role, including project work, internal job rotation and absence cover in response to the
changing needs of the clinic or organisation so as to provide a quality service
Computers, Fax machines, Printers, Telephones, Photocopiers
Ms Office, Navision/ Quickbooks, Internet, Intranet
The Environment
The post holder will be required to spend long periods at a keyboard. Long periods of concentration are required
when minute taking, transcribing notes and typing. Frequent interruptions will be experienced necessitating the
reprioritizing of duties. You may occasionally deal with difficult/angry members of the public by telephone or in
To ensure that all statutory requirements outlined in the IMG handbook and code of professional conduct and
policies are personally adhered to.
To participate in the annual appraisal and knowledge and skills framework profiling process. Any necessary training
will be provided.
Use of new technology
IMG is making increased use of computer technology. The majority of employees (both clinical and non-clinical)
should expect to use Navision systems in their work in order to improve quality and co-ordination of services and to
enable faster and more certain communication within the company. Necessary training will be provided.
No Smoking Policy
IMG operates a no-smoking policy. This applies to all staff and visitors and to the majority of patients. It is a condition
of employment for staff that they do not smoke whilst on duty or in uniform or anywhere on IMG premises. While we
do not discriminate against employing smokers, they are expected to adhere to this policy and all prospective
employees should be aware of this.

Health & Safety
All staff have a responsibility to maintain the health and safety of themselves and others within the performance of
their duties in accordance with IMG health and safety policies and to undertake specific health and safety
responsibilities as necessary.

Working hours
The official working hours will be 45 hours per week as per IMG policy but the position will require you to be flexible
occasionally including weekend cover.
This job description has been agreed between the post holder and line manager of the Post

How to Apply
Deliver/post your CV and applications by Friday 20th, May 2011 to;

The Human Resource Manager
International Air Ambulance
(at International Hospital Kampala)
Plot 4686, Kisugu- Namuwongo
Po Box 8177, Kampala

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