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Many Ugandan are used to websites such as Facebook and MySpace, But there is a Uganda Website which is also very interactive. It is called are currently more than 3000 members at the forums and many join every day.

You can post anything you want be it Politics, love, jobs, relationships, news, religion and anything you might thing about.

In order to post or make a New Topic, you should first Login, which means that you will need to register first. If you do not Login, you will not see some buttons like the “New Topic” button which you have to press if you want to make a New Post on any topic you choose.

Uganda Forums has many categories including the “Introduction\ion Category”, under this, you can introduce your self in the forum so that other members can notice you, it can be a simple message like “Hi, I am new to this forum and I hope to get many friends”

If you want to post in say Love Category, you will need to go to that category and click on what you want, you can reply to those who have already posted there, or you can start your own New Topic. The love category also has the Lonely hearts section, if you are Uganda and searching, you can advertise your self there.

There are only to things you need to know, you have to register first, the register box and link are at the top left area of the Forum. When you register, you will get an activation link in your email address, you have to go there and click to activate your account, this is to make sure that you are a real person and that the email is yours, if you do not activate your email, you will not be able to make New Topics, or to Reply to people who have posted.

You have to Login, after you register, you will need to Login every time you visit the forum so that you get all the full benefits of a registered user.

What you can do at Uganda Forums

You can post some thing which will be read world wide (Anything you want)
You can find Jobs
You can get a lover
Hang out with Friends
Meet new Friends and people
Give advice (by replying to questions)
If you are religious, you can preach ( In the religion section)
Ask and get answers
Speak out on any issue and be heard

You can go to the Form and Post or Reply at Uganda Forums Here

Or use this link

If you have a question or need some help, you can contact the administrator at

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