Kyambogo University List of all Courses and Tuition Fess

The Academic Registrar Kyambogo University invites applicants for private sponsorship admissions to the following undergraduate programmes for
2011/2012 academic year under the Direct Entry Scheme (O’ and A’ Level leavers only). A non-refundable fee of Shs.25,000/= for (Ugandans) and
$ 30 (International applicants), bank charges inclusive, must be paid at any Stanbic Bank, on the Kyambogo University Academic Registrar’s
Departmental Account No.0140015345801 and a receipt obtained from the University cashier before collecting the application form from the
Admissions office. Detailed admission requirement documents should only be obtained at the designated collection/drop-off points or downloaded
from the website (Be aware of fraudsters out to cheat unsuspecting applicants by selling to them unauthorized information).

Original bank slip and receipt must be attached to the application form before submission. The closing date for returning filled application forms
is 17th June, 2011.
N.B. (i). Applicants who wish to apply for Certificate programmes must fill a separate application form.
(ii). Also note that there is no other money payable for the application form other than the amount stated above.

You can download the list of all course and their tuition fees at Kyambogo Univrsity form the link below

Kyambogo University List of all Course and Tuition Fees

Financial Accountant Job in Uganda- Mildmay

Job Title: Financial Accountant

Mildmay Uganda іѕ аn HIV/AIDS treatment аnԁ training centre situated οn Entebbe Road, Lweza, south οf Kampala. Mildmay Uganda іѕ іn conjunction wіth thе Inner Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) undertaking tο manage thе Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) scheme fοr thе Ministry οf Health. In peacefulness tο provide quality services οn thіѕ scheme Mildmay Uganda hаѕ thе following exciting job opportunity.

Directorate: Resources

Reports tο: Finance Manager

Job Summary: Thе post holder іѕ responsible fοr ensuring thаt аƖƖ financial records аrе accurately οn paper, properly maintained аnԁ thаt regular/ periodical income аrе properly compiled аnԁ submitted tο Finance Manager. Hе/ѕhе ѕhουƖԁ аƖѕο ensure well-organized Treasury management, Debtors management аnԁ Creditors management.

Job Requirements: 1st Degree preferably B.Com (Accounting), BBA (Accounting) plus full professional qualifications such аѕ ACCA, CPA, CIMA. 5 years experience, 2 οf thеm іn middle management positions іn Accounting, Finance οr Auditing field. Mυѕt hаνе hands-οn-computer skills іn аt Ɩеаѕt two accounting packages (including QuickBooks) аnԁ advanced MS Excel skills. Track record οf dealing wіth donor funded projects іѕ desirable.

Fοr аƖƖ positions above, οthеr qualities аrе: EхсеƖƖеnt communication аnԁ interpersonal skills, Proficiency іn various MS office packages аnԁ working knowledge οf English аnԁ local language(s) аrе crucial. Hard working, trust-worthy, аnԁ holding thе peak levels οf integrity аnԁ confidentiality. Mυѕt bе flexible, reliable, аbƖе tο work under difficulty; аnԁ іn sympathy wіth thе Christian values οf Mildmay International. Evidence οf a non-judgemental аррrοасh regarding rасе, religion, culture, sexuality аnԁ lifestyle іѕ critical.

Interested personnel whο meet thе requirements ѕhουƖԁ apply tο Thе Human Resource Manager аt Mildmay Uganda, Entebbe Road, Lweza аt hr@mildmay.ο οr through P.O. Box 24985, Kampala nοt later thаn Tuesday 24 Mау 2011. Certified copies οf academic transcripts, a full CV indicating contemporary salary аnԁ οthеr benefits ѕhουƖԁ bе provided, аnԁ two professional referees (one οf whісh ѕhουƖԁ bе a former employer). Candidates wіth incomplete information wіƖƖ nοt bе small-listed.

Please note: OnƖу small-listed applicants wіƖƖ bе invited fοr interview.

District NAADS Coordinators Jobs in Uganda- Career Opportunities

Job Title: District NAADS

The districts of Kween, and Kanungu wish to recruit suitable candidates to the position of District NAADS
Preferred Skills:

NAADS is a Government of Uganda programme under the
Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and fisheries with
new approaches for the delivery of extension services.
This programme is intended to give farmers particularly
the poor, access to agricultural advice they need from the
Private Service providers. The programme is designed in
accordance with the overall Government policies of decentralization,
liberalisation, privatisation and empowerment
of farmers in decision-making.

In accordance with the decentralization policy, participating
districts are implementing the NAADS programme
through existing local government structures. In addition
to line administrative and technical staff responsible for
its implementation in the district, the Government of
Uganda is providing funds for the recruitment of District
NAADS Coordinators.
The districts of Kween, and Kanungu wish to recruit suitable
candidates to the position of District NAADS
Job Title: District NAADS Coordinator.
Remuneration: Attractive and Competitive.
Terms of employment: Three-year contract, renewable.
Duties and responsibilities of District NAADS

The District NAADS coordinator working under the District
Production Coordinator (DPC) will be responsible for and
will undertake the following activities and functions:

Consolidate the Sub-County annual work plans and
coordinate development of annual District NAADS plans
and activities. The Coordinator has to ensure timely
presentation of consolidated work plans, budgets,
reports and accounts developed from individual service
contracts and sub-projects.

Working with the District Planning Office, ensure incorporation
of the NAADS work plan and budget estimate
into the overall District work plan.
Develop quantitative and qualitative indicators from the
immediate objectives and outputs of the District
NAADS activities.
Working with Subject matter specialists (SMS) ensure
application of standards and criteria for selection of
service providers and procurement of goods.
In collaboration with the District Contracts Committee,
arrange for technical assistance to Sub-Counties and
Farmer Fora for the tendering process and review of all
procurements for the District NAADS Programme.

Receive and review all reports including monitoring and
evaluation studies of NAADS at District and Sub-County

Facilitate District NAADS meetings and act as Secretary
to the District Farmer Forum.

Coordinate with the District Finance officer on financial
management matters.

Working under the CAO, supervise NAADS expenditures;
ensure accountability and that value for money is

Supervise NAADS implementation in the District.

Any other duties assigned to him by the Chief

Administrative Officer.
1. A degree in Natural sciences, Economics, Agri-
Business, Development Studies or related disciplines
from the time of the advertisement.

2. At least five years experience in Agricultural Extension
or Rural Development and working with farmers after
attainment of the degree.

3. Innovativeness and adaptability to novel approaches to
agricultural service delivery.
4. A good understanding of principles and practice of community
based rural development and participatory methods
and approaches.
5. A strong knowledge of rural development dimensions
including rural poverty and gender concerns.
6. Demonstrated, administrative and management skills
including an understanding of the decentralization policy
and operations.

7. Computer literacy in standard Computer Packages
(Word processing and Spread Sheet Packages)

8. A postgraduate qualification in any of the following
areas; Agricultural Extension, Rural Development and
Agricultural Marketing and thorough knowledge of the
working area will be added advantage.

Hand written applications, with detailed Curriculum Vitae
with proof of previous employment where applicable, two
passport size photographs, names and addresses of three
referees, applicants daytime telephone contact and photocopies
of all certified academic testimonials should be
submitted to and received by the under mentioned District
Service Commissions not later than 6th June, 2011.

The written application should be accompanied with dully filled
PSC form-III to be collected from Public Service
Commission or respective District Service Commission.
The Secretary, District Services Commission;
1. Kween District
2. Kanungu Distric

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