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Welcome to Centenary Bank’s careers section. We are one of Uganda’s top three financial organisations, employing more than 1,000 people. Joining Centenary Bank is an opportunity to use your skills and experience in tackling real world problems.

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To apply for jobs in Centenary bank Uganda, you will need to downlad the application form
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Our recruitment process

We will always advertise in the media or our website or both about our current vacancies. Please use that opportunity to apply for the job advertised if your skills match the vacancy advertised. The advert will give you some idea of what to expect from us and what we will be looking for in you. We understand that recruitment is very much a two-way process. We will then proceed with your initial application on the basis of the information you provide us with.
Investing in our people for their future

We invest in our people through spending millions on training every year. We encourage our people to gain transferable skills, provide benefits and create plenty of social opportunities to relax and feel free.
Equality and fairness

We want everyone to feel at home here. So we treat our people professionally and with fairness. We’re determined to make sure every single employee enjoys working at Centenary Bank and has equal opportunities to progress regardless of their background or personal circumstances. We are committed to diversity because we serve a hugely diverse group of customers across the country and we firmly believe our internal community should reflect that diversity. We know that having a diverse workforce is the first step to achieving excellent performance and superior Customer Service since each different person brings something different to the job.

Here are some of our principles are embedded in equality and fairness.
Tribe, Race and Religion

We are an indigenous Bank which means we represent every section of Uganda's community including people with differing personal and religious beliefs. Our recruitment process is oblivious of tribe, race and religion.

We are an Equal Opportunities organisation and therefore firmly encourage both women and men who qualify for the advertised jobs to apply without hesitation.

we strongly believe that disability is no barrier to success here. We therefore offer employees with disabilities the same level of opportunity as non-disabled members and employees.
Criminal Record Checking

Centenary Bank will request the disclosure of any criminal records during the recruitment process. Having a criminal record will not necessarily exclude you from working with Centenary Bank. This will depend on the nature of the crime, together with the circumstances and background of your offences or other information contained in the criminal record from Police.


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