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Job Title: Peace Corps Global Health Service Partnership Coordinator
Vacancy Announcement

Peace Corps Global Health Service Partnership Coordinator

Announcement Date:      October 2, 2012
Closing Date:                  October 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM
Position Classification:    Full time Services Contract

The Peace Corps is an agency of the United States Government, which sends American Volunteer development workers to assist in capacity building and technical assistance activities in over 70 countries worldwide.  In response to the expanded mandate of the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to strengthen human resources for health, a request by national public health academics, and an identified need in the countries we serve for more highly skilled volunteers in health, Peace Corps, in partnership with the Global Health Service Corps (GHSC), launched a public-private partnership, the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP).  We invite applicants for the above position which is based in Kampala, Uganda and may require travel to different parts of Uganda.

Basic Function of Position:
Peace Corps will send medical and nursing educators to serve in adjunct faculty positions. The GHSP Volunteers will help improve medical and nursing education and build capacity in the health care systems of developing countries. To help Post manage this initiative, a Peace Corps GHSP Coordinator is needed to be the point of contact and intermediary for Post staff, Peace Corps/Washington, and the Global Health Service Corps; to develop partnerships with appropriate in-country organizations; to develop sites for Peace Corps GHSP Volunteers; and to oversee volunteer placement and support as well as the subsequent monitoring and evaluation of the overall program at the site and country levels.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Working under the general supervision of (the Country Director) and in consultation with Peace Corps/Washington, the Peace Corps GHSP Coordinator will:

1. Serve as Liaison To Peace Corps Staff

• As requested by the Country Director, the GHSP Coordinator will keep Post staff advised of partnership and programming developments, the status of recruitment efforts, the dates of service of the Volunteers and their placement in country.

• Regarding Peace Corps/Washington, the GHSP Coordinator will keep Peace Corps/Washington informed of the progress of the initiative, report any changes in a Volunteer’s status (early Close of Service (COS), Early Termination of Service (ET) or extensions), and submit any requests for additional Volunteers in a timely manner with a completed position description.

• The GHSP Coordinator will ensure that the Administrative Unit has the information it needs to process Volunteer allowances and other payments in a timely fashion. The GHSP Coordinator will ensure that any change in a Volunteer’s status is reported immediately to the Administrative unit.

• The GHSP Coordinator will provide, in a timely manner, information requested by the medical unit to ensure appropriate medical processing of the Peace Corps GHSP Volunteers.  Any change in a Volunteer’s status will also be reported immediately to the medical unit.

2. Develop and Maintain Relationships with Partner Organizations

• The GHSP Coordinator will foster relationships with appropriate interagency partners, host country ministries and local partnering institutions to ensure the proper placement and support of GHSP volunteers.  As needed, the GHSP Coordinator will also develop relationships with medical and nursing certification boards to establish in-country certification guidelines for GHSP volunteers.

• The GHSP Coordinator will look for opportunities for Peace Corps GHSP placements, either with existing partner organizations or new partners.  If additional placements are approved, the GHSP Coordinator will work with the partner organization to develop a position description using the Peace Corps Response template, will forward those in a timely manner to Peace Corps/Washington for recruitment, and will prepare the required MOUs for the Country Director’s review and signature.

• For those organizations that have submitted requests for Peace Corps GHSP Volunteers, the GHSP Coordinator will ensure that appropriate MOUs have been signed and that the organizations can meet their obligations under the MOU, e.g. housing, work-related transportation, counterpart and supervisor identification, etc.

• The GHSP Coordinator will inform a partner organization in a timely manner of a Volunteer’s arrival date, and ensure that the organization provides an appropriate orientation for the arriving Volunteer either in coordination with the Peace Corps’ orientation or at their own offices.

• Based upon guidance provided by Peace Corps/Washington, the GHSP Coordinator will maintain effective communication and provide direction on agreed upon subject matter with the Global Health Service Corps.

3. Provide Support to Peace Corps GHSP Volunteers:

• Orientation: The GHSP Coordinator will help to prepare an in-country orientation for incoming Volunteers in coordination with the Global Health Service Corps, Post staff, and the Volunteers’ partner organizations. The orientation should follow the guidelines in the PCR Orientation Manual, including an overview of Post’s rules and regulations and administrative procedures, a medical briefing, and a safety and security briefing.  General information on the country and basic cross-cultural do’s and don’ts should also be covered in the orientation.   

• Programmatic Support:  The GHSP Coordinator will develop support and guidance networks for GHSP volunteers in country as well as facilitate In Service Trainings (IST) for GHSP volunteers in coordination with the GHSC.  The GHSP Coordinator will provide volunteer support, including site visits, being available for periodic phone calls, and additional support as needed should serious issues arise between a Volunteer and the partner organization. If the partner organization has committed to providing housing and workplace accommodations, the GHSP Coordinator will ensure that those are in place before the Volunteer’s arrival and that they meet Peace Corps safety standards. If Peace Corps is providing housing, the GHSP Coordinator will ensure that it is secured before the Volunteer’s arrival.

• Administrative Support:  The GHSP Coordinator will work with Post staff to ensure that arriving Peace Corps GHSP Volunteers are incorporated into Post’s Emergency Action Plan. The GHSP Coordinator will also ensure that Volunteers fill out and return Site Locator Forms, and that Volunteers submit in a timely manner any other forms that are required by Post, e.g., vacation request forms.

The GHSP Coordinator will ensure that Volunteers complete all mandatory reports including those required for Monitoring and Evaluation and COS. A copy of a Volunteer’s final report, Description of Service (DOS) and partner evaluations must be given to the Country Director and Peace Corps/Washington.

Qualifications and Experience
• Bachelor Degree in Human Medicine, Masters Degree in Public Health or International Relations with strong public relations experience. Excellent computer skills including word processing and spreadsheet programs; excellent command of English, both spoken and written; native ability in spoken and written at least one Ugandan language; ability to work independently with little supervision; good organization and time management skills; willingness to take the initiative; excellent teamwork skills, strong service attitude; personal integrity; strong cross-cultural skills; strong interpersonal skills, strong interest in Uganda’s development; and ability to travel extensively.
• Experience of at least two years of health coordination work with relevant government agencies, health institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and private businesses.
• Ability to work on a regular Monday through Friday schedule with occasional evening and weekend hours when necessary.

Position Elements
• Supervision Received: Supervised by the Country Director with daily direction provided by the Programming and Training Officer. For new, difficult, or unusual tasks, supervisors give directions on objectives and suggested procedures. The GHSP Coordinator is expected to take the initiative to meet established deadlines, and document and communicate procedures to the Country Director.
• Available Guidelines: 1) Peace Corps Manual, 2) Foreign Affairs Manual 3) instructions provided by the Programming and Training Officer and the Country Director.
• Exercise of Judgment: Broad exercise of judgment within the confines of job responsibilities.
• Authority to Make Commitments: The GHSP Coordinator is expected to research, negotiate, and suggest solutions within the confines of the job responsibilities.
• Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: Works closely with Health team, PEPFAR Coordinator, Programming and Training Officer, Training Manager, Peace Corps Trainees and Volunteers. Communicates at all levels as required by the job responsibilities.

1.     Please submit a letter of interest, resume and any other documentation that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above. Also, send names and contact information for three references.
2.     Attach an original copy of a reference letter from your are Local Council (LC1)
Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps and will not be returned.  You will be contacted ONLY if you are deemed qualified and invited for an interview.

OR  via mail:
Administrative Officer
Peace Corps Uganda
Plot 48 Malcolm X Avenue
P. O. Box 29348
Kampala, Uganda
Clearly indicate the position applied for on the envelope.

Deadline: 15th Oct 2012


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