IT Support Officer Job Vacancy at MBUGO Area Coorperative Enterprise in Uganda

Job Title:  IT Support Officer
MBUGO  Area  Coorperative  Enterprise  (ACE)  is  registered  an  apex  cooperative  , for eight  primary  Coorporative   societies  situated  and operating   in three districts  in Butambala  and Gomba etc

•    Will work  under  supervision  of the  project  coordinator  to give  IT  support  services  including  training  staff  in IT  applications , trouble shooting  IT  Challenges  and data  management  for  MBUGO.
•    Should  have  experience  in online  data management  , ICT  software and hardware .

How to apply
To apply  Qualified  , Competent   and Interested  persons  can  send  online  only   applications  to ;  and 

Deadline:  23 /07 /2013


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