Jobs at Hospice Africa Uganda - Palliative Care Nurse

Job Title: Palliative  Care  Nurse –Little  Hospice  Hoima

Since  1993, Hospice  Africa  Uganda  (HAU) (national  organization ) has  promoted  modern  methords  of pain  and  symptom  control  as well  as  whole-person  (holistic) care  for patients  living with HIV/AIDS.
•    To  provide  comprehensive  and   integrated care  for terminally   ill cancer /or  AIDS  patients  and their  families  at  Hospice , in Hospital  and 
•    The community  while  supporting  onsite  training  for all  health  professionals  and non professionals  across  the  continuum  in palliative  care  knowledge  and skills .

How to apply
To apply ;  Send  CV, copies  of certificates  and a cover letter to;
Human  Resources  &  Administration  Director ;
Hospice  Africa  Uganda  ; Plot  130  Makindye  Rd,
P. O. Box 7757 Kampala or to  our site  office –Lithe Hospice  Hoima  (LHH)  , and  Mobile  Hospice  Mbarara  (MHM),

Deadline: 02 /08 /2013


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