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Best Uganda Jobs would like to thank you for your Continued loyalty, We are now the number 1 most preferred jobs website in Uganda, according to Alexa ranking. We have reached this far because we are dedicated to making all available jobs and vacancies in Uganda accessed by the Uganda Job seekers.

We update this website with new employment opportunities in Uganda every day and as a matter of fact, most of the jobs website end up copying jobs from here, In fact, we post new Jobs more than three times in a single day. There is no other Ugandan Website that can match our pace in Job posting. This is partly the reason why we have developed into the most trusted jobs site in Uganda.

We work closed with the top recruiting firms in Uganda. We believe in positive recruitment, that is why we do not post any job which we think might be from a bad source. There are many people who pretend to be employers yet their main aim is to steal from the job seekers. We have good mechanism to detect them and their jobs can never be found on our site. This is why we are better than many jobs website in Uganda which just post without checking the employers.

A true employers should never ask for money before they give you an job, there are many people in that business, the good side of it is that you will never find such job con men on this site. You should avoid such companies which advertise many jobs at once yet they keep their identity a secret, for example, you can see one company inviting application for 40 marketeers, 40 customer care, 70 turn boys, 70 sales executes, 20 managers ans so on. Such companies are many times job scams.

There are also some websites in that business, they work with such companies to steal from unsuspecting job seekers. If you ever find a bad experience with any job advertiser, please contact us, we are in a better position to help you.

Our clear job posting policies have made us number 1 in Uganda, we are now the top Uganda Jobs website when it comes to Jobs, Employment Opportunities, Work, Recruitment, career and Vacancies in Uganda.

We get a lot of feed back from people who have been successful in getting jobs through this website, If you have never registered to get current career jobs opportunities in Uganda through Email, then you should do, their is a link at the top of this website, with the words "Jobs To Email (Register Free), click on it and then enter your Email and click Subscribe, then go to your email and confirm by clicking on the link we will send you. It is advisable that you add our email address to your contacts so that you do not lose any new job in Uganda to the spam folder. You will be be to get new jobs in your Email as soon as we post them.

Just to make sure Uganda students and job seekers maximize their opportunities, we also post Ugandan scholarships and give tips on job searching, interview skills cover letters and so on, we also provide information on Ugandan Universities which all have a relation to Jobs and Employment.

If you know of any other friend who is looking for job, then tell them of this site, If you put the word "Best Uganda Jobs" in Google, then you will find us easily. We understand it is hard to get every one in Uganda a Job but we will do our best to make sure that many Ugandans as possible access new jobs every day.

I would like to thank you again for your support and loyalty, we are now ranking higher than the most popular sites in Uganda and the Number one Jobs and Career Website in Uganda


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