Jobs at ACTED in Uganda- FLAT Intern

Job Title: FLAT Intern, Kampala
Closing Date: Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Department: Finance
Position: FLAT and Finance Intern Contract duration: 6 months Location: Kampala and Karamoja-Pokot, Uganda Starting Date ASAP

I. Background on ACTED

ACTED is an independent international, private, non-partisan and non-profit organization that operates according to principles of strict neutrality, political and religious impartiality, and non discrimination.

ACTED was created in 1993 to support populations affected by the conflict in Afghanistan. Based in Paris, France, ACTED now operates in 30 countries worldwide, with over 200 international and 4000 national staff. ACTED has a 100 million € budget for over 350 projects spanning 8 sectors of intervention; including emergency relief , food security , health promotion , economic development , education & training, microfinance, local governance & institutional support, and cultural promotion. For more information, please visit our website at

II. Country Profile

Capital Office : Kampala National Staff : 77 Areas : 2 (Northern Uganda, Karamoja) On-going programmes : 13 Budget : 2.9 M

ACTED has been active in Uganda since May of 2007, both in the northern region and Karamoja. In the North, ACTED supports the early recovery process with a specific focus on the needs of returning populations displaced by years of conflict. It also expands access, retention, equity and quality of primary education. In Karamoja, the focus is enhanced food security and resilience to disasters, especially droughts, as well as improving the primary education sector. In 2010, ACTED began laying the foundations for long term economic development by strengthening livelihoods, building community infrastructure, increasing access to markets, and focusing on disaster preparedness and drought early warning. In 2011, ACTED expands its disaster preparedness interventions, responds to early signs of a drought in North Pokot, consolidates DEWS, continues publishing timely and useful drought bulletins, pilots a SMS-based health reporting system in Karamoja, while continuing interventions focused on increasing market access , and capacity building of farmers and pastoralists to strengthen livelihoods. In addition to these long-term development activities, ACTED will maintain an emergency response capacity and will use its experienced and recognized expertise to advocate sustainable cross-border solutions in Karamoja and Pokot, as well as in Northern Uganda.

III. Position Profile

The position of International FLAT Intern in Uganda will be 50-40% based in Kampala and 50-60% based in the cross border Karamoja-Pokot Area (KPA). While in Kampala, the FLAT intern will be detached to the Country Finance Department under the supervision of the CFM. In Karamoja-Pokot, the FLAT intern will provide support to the Area Coordinator on all FLAT functions depending on priorities identified by the Area Coordinator. As KPA contains 7 bases, the FLAT intern will be expected to undertake extensive travel to fulfill his/her duties.

Kampala Duties:

    Preparation/cross check of Allocation tables
    Preparation /cross check of Project Budget Follow Up
    Preparation /cross check of Monthly running cost
    Preparation/cross check of ATROCE: project cash requirements follow-up
    Cross-check PRATIC
    Cross-check of Cash request
    Cross-check of Contract Follow Up and HR TITANICS
    Support the country finance team as otherwise required by the Country Finance Manager.
    Support the capital HR officer in updating the national staff contracts' database, staff personal files and leave follow up. Karamoja-Pokot Duties Finance:
    Support the Area Finance team in BFU preparation.
    Support the Area Finance team to develop bi-monthly cash request and cash planning.
    Verify accountability of Cash for Work payments and support program and finance teams for cash for work planning and disbursements.
    Support to Drought Early Warning System team to undertake field and training payments
    Support the finance department in preparing the monthly cash payments schedule to ensure finance team make almost all field payments
    Support the finance department in preparing the monthly FLAT documentation package sent from the area to the capital office. Logistics
    Prepare with the Area Logistics teams the vehicle/motorcycle/generator fuel and repair follow up.
    Support to Area Logistics and Finance departments to close "fuel loans"
    Verify monthly asset and stock updates.
    Ensure weekly vehicle planning is undertaken in each base and consolidated at area level
    Verify compliance with ACTED procurement procedures
    Support the logistics team in updating the order and delivery follow up
    Analyze vehicle/motorcycle/generator running costs.
    Verify vehicle logbooks.
    Field market surveys
    Procurement monitoring Administration/HR
    Verify compliance with ACTED HR procedures, notably in ensuring that personal personnel files are updated and originals transferred to the capital office.
    Support area Finance/Administration department in preparing the monthly payroll.
    Verify that premises leases are up to date.

    Documentation of area-specific FLAT compliance practices
    Hold orientation and refresher trainings for field teams on basic flat procedures

    IV. Qualifications:
    Postgraduate diploma in Finance or International Relations
    Previous related work experience, preferably in the humanitarian field w/knowledge of finance and logistics
    Postgraduate diploma in relation to the position
    Excellent English writing and communication skills
    Ability to work efficiently under pressure
    Ability to work in an unstable security environment moving
    Willingness to work and live in often remote areas under basic conditions
    Ability to work independently and creatively about the land and capital

    V. Conditions:

    Field Intern benefits include: a 300 USD per month living allowance, coverage of all accommodation, food, and travel costs, a luggage allowance of 50 kg., and the provision of medical, repatriation, and life insurance.

How to apply:

Please send, in English, your cover letter, CV, and three references to Ref : FLATI/UGA/RW

For more information, visit us at

Deadline: 31st July 2012


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