Senior Business Development Job Vacancy at People Performance Group

Job Title:  Senior   Business   Development
People Performance   Group   is inviting   candidates   for the vacant  position  mentioned
Key Responsibilities
•    Contributing  to the  Company ‘s  growth  strategy through developing  new  products  and giving  marketing  support  to key  products  .
•    Analyzing   market   trends  and  developing  resulting  opportunities .
•    Identifying   new   markets  , conducting  product  feasibility tests  and implementing  launches .
•    Developing  the exports  business ,
•    Maintaining   linkages  between  customers  , marketing  and  production and building  relationships  internally and externally .
•    MBA  specializing  in marketing
•    A  bachelors  degree  in Science  and strong  Pharmaceutical  background
•    10  years  experience  gained  in a  similar  capacity
How to apply
To  apply  please send  your CV and cover letter  to the  address  . All applications   shall  be marked  : PK-  SBDM.
E-mails   must not exceed  2  MB. While  we think  all  applicants  for your  interest , only  the  selected  will  be contacted  . Any   form   of lobbying  will  lead  to automatic  disqualification .
Attn:  The  Director
Deadline: 01 /11 /2013


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