Kampala International University (KIU) Application (Admission) Guidelines and Requirements

Admission Requirements

An applicant may be admitted upon fulfilling five basic criteria: scholastic achievement, good character, financial support, good heath, and intentions and interests in harmony with the University mission and vision. Admission is a privilege. The University reserves the final decision on matters of entrance, retention, and withdrawal.

A candidate for a degree program, diploma or certificate in any faculty or school must comply with conditions and meet the selection set in the University's admission policy. The admissions committee has the right to refuse admission of any student.

Registered students in another higher education institution in the Republic of Uganda or any recognized institution of learning who desire to be admitted to the University shall be subjected to challenged examinations satisfactory to the Senate.

Students may not be admitted to any course in any subject until their curricula have been approved by the Senate. Such curricula may be modified only with the permission of the Senate.

Provisional admission

Provisional Admission may be granted to candidates who at the time of admission do not have original copies of required documents or those candidates who do not meet the entire criteria for regular admission for a period of not more than one semester during which all known deficiencies must be made up.


  • There may be additional requirements for specific academic programs, based on the professional demands.
  • People who fail to meet the minimum qualifications for direct entry may have to enroll in the ACCESS program. Such students require a minimum mean grade of C (Plain) to qualify for the ACESSS program.
  • Prospective applicants whose final High School grades are in percentage and average point systems, e.g. Sudan, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi, must have the grades first equated or standardized by Uganda National Examination board before KIU admission.

Application Forms

Applicant's forms are available at the Admission Office at Main Campus in Kansanga, Kampala, Western Campus in Bushenyi, Nairobi and Tanzania Office, and all KIU Liaison Offices in Various countries. KIU application forms cost Uganda shilling 25,000/= for Ugandans and USD 15 for non-Ugandans.

Kampala International University has a partnership with Posta Uganda, Posta Kenya and Posta Tanzania to distribute application forms, brochures, fees structure and other relevant literature about the university.

Candidates are advised to fill up the application forms clearly and enclose attach the following:

1. Three certified photocopies of each 'O' and 'A' Level result slips or their equivalent.

2. A photocopy of a receipt for payment for the application form.

3. Three recent passport size photographs enclosed in small envelope.

4. Recommendation letter from either the previous school or employer.


Anonymous said...

am a senior six vacist , i got 13points in HED/ENT and i wanted business computing am i legible to apply

Andrew said...

Yes, At KIU, i am optimistic that you can get that course

Anonymous said...

do you have a January 2012 intake and when is the application deadline?

Ezekiel manema said...

Do you have 2012 january intake and when is the application deadlines.

Andrew said...

Yes KIU has a 2012 January Intake

Anonymous said...

I obtained 12 points in HEG/D in 2002, can I apply for either Dev't studies, Urban planing, Procurement, Business Admin? Secondly, when is that intake. Thx!!!

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