Research Fellow, Justice and Governance

Job Title: Research Fellow, Justice and Governance

MINISTRY/ DEPT: Office of the Prime Minister,

Directorate of Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

REPORTS TO: Assistant Commissioner, M&E

START DATE: 01/04/2011– Contract, 1 year, renewable


1.1 The Government of Uganda (GoU) is committed to achieving results through the efficient and effective delivery of key public services, maintaining law and order and in facilitating the transformation of the economy to enable the private sector to flourish, to expand enterprise and ultimately ensure the prosperity of Ugandans. These objectives are outlined in Uganda’s five year National Development Plan (2010/11-2014/15), which targets an increase in per capita income from USD 506 in 2008/09 to USD 850 in 2014/15 and a decline in the proportion of the population living in poverty from 31 per cent in 2005/06 to 24.5% in 2014/15. The Plan aims to achieve this through addressing structural bottlenecks in the economy and increasing public investment to infrastructure, human resource development, facilitating access to critical production inputs in agriculture and industry, and promoting science, technology and innovation.

1.2 Over the past two decades, Uganda has made good progress following the unstable political situation and economic mismanagement that characterised the 1970s. The improvements in welfare and well-being have in-part been possible through Government action and reform. However, impediments remain, which in part reflect slow public sector reform,. Corruption and mismanagement, lack of clear lines of accountability, and poor workmanship have all contributed to the instability, and in some cases decline in public services. The public administration has been challenged to effectively measure, analyze, improve and control its own performance. Its failure to effectively measure and manage performance is in part responsible for the challenges identified.

1.3 Since 2003, the Office of the Prime Minister has been mandated by the Constitution (Article 108A) to coordinate and implement Government policies across Ministries, Departments and other Public Institutions. To fulfill this mandate, OPM works in harmony with other Government line Ministries, Departments and Agencies to achieve the Government’s objectives articulated in the NRM’s Manifesto, the National Development Plan, and the annual budget.

1.4 The Prime Minister, and his office, is in charge of ensuring that Government works, that – through a cycle of policy development – coordination – monitoring and follow-up – Government improves, and delivers results. Through the Directorate of Policy Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, the OPM’s objectives are to: drive delivery of the top priorities of the Government; assess and report on the performance of Government against a full-range of sector performance targets; provide analytical support and recommendations to overcome key delivery challenges; provide support that accelerates delivery capacity in MDAs and sustains continual improvement – help removing obstacles to delivery; and develop the performance management policy and framework of Government


2.1 The Research Fellow, Justice and Governance Cluster, will report to Lead Officer (LO – a Government Official) of the same cluster, and will be part of a team responsible for the implementation of the National Policy for Monitoring and Evaluation as it pertains to rural developmentissues.

2.2 The National Policy on Monitoring and Evaluation provides the framework for the organization, implementation and oversight of Government-wide monitoring, review and evaluation.

2.3 The Justice and Governance Cluster focuses on the Government sectors of Justice, Law and Order, Security, Legislature and Public Administration. Each sector incorporates the relevant Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, and non-state actors who implement Government policies and programmes. The position includes the following areas of responsibility.

2.4 Sector Performance Monitoring. The Research Fellow (RF) will work in a small Justice and Governance team responsible for monitoring the performance of Justice and Governance cluster of sectors. The RF will specifically:

a. Work in the team in producing semi-annual and annual Government Performance Reports covering the performance of the Justice and Governance sectors against their own targets, including analysis of causes of strong and weak performance.

b. Work with the Justice and Governance sector line MDAs to collate, validate and analyse semi-annual performance data.

c. Support the LO in reviewing the quality of performance indicators, and the annual performance targets set by sector line MDAs to ensure that they are realistic (cost and capacity-based)

2.5 Sub-County Barazas. The Research Fellow (RF) will work in a small team responsible for coordinating sub-county level fora at which the local community discuss the performance of public investment in their locale. Specifically, the RF will:

a. Assist the LO in leading the team in coordinating barazas in one region of Uganda. The coordination involves several phases of activity, from preparation and training of community monitoring, data collection and validation, preparation and holding of barazas periodically (at least once per annum in a sample of sub-counties per district), report writing, dissemination and follow-up.

b. Support the implementation of training to the team and community facilitators to ensure that barazas are planned and held simultaneously across the targeted sub-counties, that they are timely and of a high quality.

2.6 Evaluation.Cabinet instructs Office of the Prime Minister to lead a number of strategic public policy or major programme evaluations each year based on a rolling agenda of issues to be reviewed. The Research Fellow (RF) will work with the LO and the Evaluation Cluster on specific evaluations that pertain to Justice and Governance sectors or issues.

2.7 Management and Coordination. The Justice and Governance cluster will be overseen by the Assistant Commissioner for Monitoring and Evaluation (AC/M&E). Under the responsibility of the RF will be four Assistant Research Fellow (ARFs). The RF will be expected to deputize for the LO in liaison within Government and with the Development Partners on the Justice and Governance sectors around data and performance issues.

2.8 Other responsibilities. From time-to-time other tasks relating to the follow-up of policy implementation issues amongst the justice and governance sectors, to support colleagues in the Policy Implementation Coordination (PIC) Department under the Directorate.


3.1 Advanced university degree in economics, statistics, law, sociology or related discipline. Background in policy issues/sector reform related to law is desirable.

3.2 Some experience in design and implementation of M&E systems. Familiarity with state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and demonstrated experience with rigorous impact evaluation studies.

3.3 A minimum of three years of relevant operational experience, including monitoring and evaluation, and first-hand experience in a variety of types of operations, is essential.

3.4 Knowledge of Government of Uganda policies and procedures.

3.5 Some proven skill in the design and implementation of innovative and practical approaches to complex operational and policy issues; strong conceptual/analytical skills, and the ability to look ahead and think through alternative scenarios.

3.6 Ability to work well in a small multi-tasking team under tight deadlines.

3.7 Effective communication skills, including ability to speak articulately and to write succinctly.

3.8 Tact, discretion and diplomatic skills to deal with sensitive and challenging issues, and resolve them in a constructive manner, including with development partners.

If you believe you have the relevant qualifications and experience, please send your application to the address below not later than 4.00 p.m, Monday 9th May 2011. Provide a detailed CV demonstrating possession of the job requirements, current position, names and addresses of three referees, copies of professional/Academic documents, email address, and day time telephone contact.

NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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