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Job Title:Health System Strengthening Specialist, Kampala
Closing Date: Monday, 31 December 2012


Overall Responsibilities

The SURE Program seeks a long-term technical assistance in Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) to improve medicines management and to strengthen institutional functioning, including health system effectiveness, efficiency and equity in order to increase availability of essential medicines and health supplies (EMHS).

Building upon previous works by DELIVER and SCMS, SURE will design and implement an integrated supply chain system bridging linkages and harmonization at all levels. SURE will help institute uniform processes, standard operating procedures, Indicator based performance monitoring and support the strengthening of communication information technology including management information systems and web based ordering and reporting. The HSS Specialist with his/her unit will play a central role in development and support to new integrated supply systems, providing logistics management support to technical programs, ensuring a well-functioning quantification and procurement planning unit, implement pharmaceutical and financial information systems and support the national roll out of a supervision performance assessment strategy to strengthen medicines management nationwide.

The HSS specialist will be the change agent pushing forward from design to implementation the Policy Options Analysis recommendations and translating them into tangible systems change to realize the desired efficiencies and effectiveness of the supply system chain.

The systems changes includes, but are not limited to, the mainstreaming of TB and laboratory supplies into that of essential medicines and health supplies, supporting the implementation of the Vital, Essential and Necessary classification, support efforts to strengthen equity in resource allocation, streamlining ARV supply to one facility –one supplier, establishing a sustainable set up for regular quantification and procurement planning increasing the role and responsibilities of the private-not-for-profit sector The HSS specialist will cooperate, collaborate and coordinate with the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Ministry of Finance and implementing partners including the private sector (private not-for-profit and private for-profit entities), NMS, JMS and other key stakeholders and will work closely with the Chief of Party, Pharmacy Division, Ministry of Health technical programs and the SURE management team.

The HSS specialist will be responsible for the management of a larger team of SURE and MoH seconded staff and will be responsible for the implementation, planning and monitoring of agreed health system strengthening activities.

International allowances are available for eligible canididates.

Specific Responsibilities:

    To manage the HSS area within SURE and manage the SURE team and secondments responsible for HSS activities.
    Support capacity building in the SURE team and secondments in planning and managing implementation of planned activities.
    Ensure broad coordination and collaboration with the MoH, the Ministry of Finance and implementing partners including the private sector (private not for profit and private for profit entities), NMS, JMS and other key stakeholders.
    To strengthen implementation of the Quantification and Procurement Planning Unit (QPPU) at the Ministry of Health Pharmacy Division and ensure bimonthly stock status reports.
    To support and guide the establishment of a financial and commodity tracking information system to support national commodity quantification and procurement analysis for EMHS, HIV, TB, and malaria control, in collaboration with all program stakeholders and partners
    To support and coordinate implementation of ARV harmonization including ensuring a one quantification, one procurement plan, a coordinated warehousing/ distribution system and capacity building for establishment of a single reporting system for PEPFAR implementing partners.
    To coordinate and support implementation of the single source/distribution supply system for ARV's - one-facility-one supplier in coorporation with NMS, JMS, MAUL to increase on efficiency and reduce financial loss and waste of the scarce resources.
    To support and strengthen the roll out of the ARV web-based ordering and reporting system.
    Support streamlining efforts of the MoH technical program commodity supply-chains including integration of TB and lab commodities streamlining at central and facility level.
    Support the development and implementation of MoH technical program specific assessment and ensure utilization of findings to further strengthen logistic management of EMHS.
    Provide technical assistance in the delivery of the planned SURE support to MoH technical programs.
    Provide technical assistance and support to the Pharmacy Division to roll out the Supervision and Performance Assessment to non-SURE supported districts.
    Provide technical support to the MPM-TWG.
    Work with the SURE information systems experts, MoH/Pharmacy Division, technical programs and implementing partners to strengthen logistic management M&E.
    Assist in developing appropriate M&E systems for monitoring impact of new innovative interventions.
    Support the MoH and Pharmacy Division in the implementation of the VEN strategy at central and facility level and support efforts to strengthen equity in resource allocations.
    Work closely with the COP to manage relationships and maintain routine communications with MoH partners, and all other related stakeholders and be part of the SURE management team.


    Master's degree in pharmacy, public health , or related degree relevant to the broad areas of health systems strengthening;
    Documented 8 years of senior-level experience in management, planning and health systems strengthening;
    Minimum of 10 years of international working experience from the field of pharmaceutical management, supply chain management, quantification and procurement, and health system change;
    Good understanding of developing and implementing assessment and impact studies;
    Good knowledge and expertise in quantification and procurement planning;
    Good understanding of medicines management related to EMHS including the MOH technical program commodities;
    Demonstrated competence in assessing priorities and in managing a variety of activities in a time-sensitive environment, and in meeting deadlines with attention to detail and quality;
    Strategic thinker with people skills and managerial, coordination, and organizational skills;
    Demonstrated excellent English language skills (both written and oral);
    Working experience in Uganda with knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the Uganda public health system/pharmaceutical sector. Previous experience with USAID supported programs is an added advantage;
    Willingness to be flexible and adapt to changing priorities and shifting deadlines; and
    Strong teamwork and team-building skills, strong management and supervisory experience.

Note: This position attracts international benefits where eligible.

Management Sciences for Health is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

How to Apply:
To apply for this position, please submit a resume to For more information about MSH, please visit our web site at If you cannot apply online or have difficulty doing so, please email an explanation of your problem to
How to apply:

To apply for this position, please submit a resume to For more information about MSH, please visit our web site at If you cannot apply online or have difficulty doing so, please email an explanation of your problem to

Deadline: 31st Dec 2012


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