Web Designer Job Vacancy at UN Children's Fund in Uganda

Job Title: Web Designer - Readvertised
from UN Children's Fund
Closing date: 14 Jan 2013

Level: P3/NOC
Duration: 5 months

   1. Background (attach documents if necessary):

In May 2011, after an initial testing phase, UNICEF Uganda officially launched the U-report program. U-report uses mobile technology through SMS to provide a forum of opinion and information sharing for youth and children in Uganda. Using a crowd-sourcing approach to initiate an SMS dialogue with the members (‘U-reporters’) the ultimate aim of the program is to stimulate citizen-led and youth-led development. Since its inception the U-report program has evolved into a powerful tool with implications for both improved service delivery and increasing youth engagement in the political process, with a high level of international attention and interest shown. There are currently 125,000 members of U-report; the community grows by 500 on an average day.

The members are engaged via SMS polls to solicit opinions and information on development issues that are important to Ugandan youth and children, such as; early marriage, justice for children, children’s rights, violence against women, human rights, power, employment, inflation, health, education, water availability and quality. Once the information is collected the data is instantly analysed. The contribution of U-reporters is subsequently utilised in advocacy work across all media channels and many UNICEF programs.

The next stage of U-report includes improving digital access to the vast amounts of rich data gathered around the topics above.

U-report is experiencing rapid expansion within Uganda, and much interest from throughout UNICEF to expand to other countries. As such we expect a rapid increase in public views and the desire to explore the data U-report provides on www.ureport.ug.

A re-design of the public site is necessary, including design, usability and functional elements for a variety of audiences ranging from U-reporters themselves, to NGOs, UN agencies and Government representatives. 2. Purpose of Assignment:

UNICEF Uganda requiresa creative, experienced web-designer familiar with the Django platform that passionately believes in the mission of U-report and UNICEF Uganda. The successful candidate will carry out the following tasks as they relate to www.ureport.ug:

• Improve the data representation of the SMS responses on the U-report site.
• Create and implement a robust site navigation.
• Create a number of new specialist pages that are intuitive for non-web savvy users to manipulate
• Create and maintain news feature pages relating to U-report stories.
• Design, create and implement a Media Room to feature video and photo content.
• Improve the online registration experience
• Improve the data representation of regular community polling currently conducted via SMS on the U-report site. This should include GIS and dynamic graphing.
• Add mapping tools that work of existing data in real-time to show geographical representation of U-reporters
• Add trending functionality that measures altering attitudes over time on key child and youth issues
• Improve site performance and speed by optimizing functionality.
• Tie in site with relevant social media outlets in the region.
• Monitor and edit any social elements to the site.
• In addition to the above points the successful candidate will make recommendations and present designs on new innovative features that enhance the U-report experience to a variety of audiences including young people, semi-literate, decision-makers and government.

Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required for the assignment:

Education and experience:
• 2 years experience (minimum) working with Django web application framework and python programming language
• 5 years experience designing and launching websites.
• Degree in graphic design (preferred but can be outweighed by experience and record of success)
• Experience creating online dashboards for data analysis
• Proven track record of success in building websites in a business environment for either B2B or public audiences.
• Experience integrating social media into websites
• A good understanding of UNICEF programmes and policy, including knowledge of technology for development programs.
• Good understanding of development issues, world affairs and current events
• Proven ability to conceptualize, plan and execute ideas as well as to transfer knowledge and skills.
• Experience of working within teams.
• Strong writing and communication skills and the aptitude to handle advanced data integrity tests.
• Proven successful track-record in data analysis projects with tangible results.
• Fluency in written and verbal English is essential. • Residence and work experience in East Africa, curren t or past, is advantageous but not essential

How to apply:
Please send letter of interest, CV and any relevant sample work (links or attachments) to jobst4d@gmail.com and ugderecruit@unicef.org
Applications must be received by 14 January 2013

Deadline: 14th January 2013


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