Human Resource & Administration Manager Jobs at Appliance World Ltd in Uganda

Job Title: Human Resource & Administration Manager

Overview of Role
You will be the person that one hundred and thirty employees come to for help. The role includes being heavily involved in the entire process of recruitment of new staff, administrative duties such as maintaining employee records, ensuring a high rate of attendance for all staff,  managing holidays, sick leave, doctors notes, absenteeism, etc. You will be heavily involved in talking to staff to resolve and answer any questions, problems, issues & concerns. Administrative duties outside the HR role such as managing the company’s insurance policies, managing cleaners, telephone bills will fall under you.

Duties & Responsibilities

    Record keeping of staff attendance, leave and leave applications, sick leave, absenteeism, employee files, disciplinary action, letters to employees.
    Ensuring that employees questions and concerns are resolved to keep employee morale and attendance high.
    Talking to employees on any issues they may have, resolving them and keeping all staff happy. You must be a friendly and approachable person whom staff love to see for any problems. Patience and intelligence are required!
    Administrative duties outside the HR role include full management of Appliance World’s entire insurance policies, managing cleaners and maintenance staff, managing and resolving issues to do with electricity, water, telephone, internet, cleanliness of toilets and kitchen.
    Heavy involvement in all areas of the recruitment process including identifying a need for staff, preparing job adverts, receiving and sorting applications, arranging interviews.
    Building relationships and getting involved with heads of departments, supervisors and all staff in order to ‘smell’ & resolve a problem, preparing a debtors list and ageing analysis.

How to Apply:
Apply at

 Hand deliver your application to:

Appliance World Ltd, Plot 1-5 Spring Close (Off Old Portbell Rd),
Wankoko, Kampala;

Tel: 0712 349694 or 0776 785313

Deadline: 31st Oct 2012


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