Senior Accountant Job at Appliance World Ltd in Uganda

Job Title: Senior Accountant

Overview of Role
You will be responsible for entering all accounting data on a day to day basis. This includes, credit notes, petty cash vouchers, stock transfers, imported and local purchases, costing of imported goods, invoices for expenditure, managing payments to suppliers, preparation of daily bank balances, bank reconciliation, supplier account reconciliation, preparing LPO’s, cash balancing.

Important Information

    Appliance World uses Tally ERP as its accounting software. Good knowledge and previous experience in Tally is beneficial.
    Your role will be more focussed on ensuring that day to day data is entered rather than on managing people.
    You will be dealing with staff frequently on issues such as cancelling invoices with errors, preparation of LPO’s, issuing receipts for received payments. You must be quick, efficient and friendly. Remember the accounts department exists because of customers and fulfilling their needs.
    Previous experience in doing a similar role for two or more years is advantageous.
    An reputable accounting related qualification with good results is necessary.
    The role contains a lot of pressure as you will be responsible for keeping all data up to date daily, you will be switching tasks frequently and you will be under pressure for meeting staff’s requests, eg, getting an LPO authorized, issuing a receipt for payments, preparing invoices required urgently.

How to Apply:
Apply at
 Hand deliver your application to:

Appliance World Ltd, Plot 1-5 Spring Close (Off Old Portbell Rd),
Wankoko, Kampala;

Tel: 0712 349694 or 0776 785313

Deadline: 31st Oct 2012


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