Jobs at Appliance World Ltd in Uganda- Head of Service, Air Conditioning Division

Job Title: Head of Service – Air Conditioning Division

Overview of Role
You will be leading the team of technicians, technical supervisors & non-technical administrators that handle the repair & service aspect of the air conditioning division. You will be heading in the region of 30 staff.

Duties & Responsibilities

    Reviewing air conditioning service schedules for all of your clients on maintenance contracts.
    Overseeing day to day operations and ensuring that all planned service and repair is done.
    Monitoring all emails and phone calls from clients and ensuring a hands on approach to see that all complaints are dealt with and that all units are attended to quickly. Dealing with emergencies.
    Getting all LPO’s authorized by signatory.
    Holding debt collection meetings and ensuring that all outstanding payment is collected.

Important Information

    Your role is not ‘fixed’. You will have to handle all issues which arise. Remember you are managing entire operations of a division.
    You must be a good, confident leader. Quick and correct decision making is essential.
    Must have good computing skills.
    An engineering/mathematics degree with a good score will be beneficial.

How to Apply:

 Hand deliver your application to:

Appliance World Ltd, Plot 1-5 Spring Close (Off Old Portbell Rd),
Wankoko, Kampala;

Tel: 0712 349694 or 0776 785313

Deadline: 31st Oct 2012


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