Jobs at Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda - Citizenship Verification Officer

Job Title: Citizenship Verification Officer
Government  of Uganda  through the  Ministry  of Internal  Affairs  in  implementing  the  NSIS  project .
•    Honors  Bachelor’s  degree  in Law  plus  a  postgraduate  Diploma  in Legal  practice
•    Minimum  of two  years  relevant  working  experience  from  a reputable  organization .
•    Verifying  citizenship  of applicants
•    Checking  the correctness  of  data  captured.
•    Authenticating  and authorizing  the right data  for  production
•    Carrying  out  legal  education  about identity  management  and  citizenship
•    Identifying  gaps  in enabling  laws  and recommending  appropriate  review options
•    Any  other  duties  as may  be  assigned  from  time to time .

How to apply
Applications  are invited  from  suitably  qualified  Ugandans  to fill the  vacant  positions  . Applications  should be  submitted  to the  Permanent  Secretary, Ministry of Internal  Affairs ,
P. O. Box  7191,  Kampala
Plot  75 Jinja  Road  ,  Applications  should  be  received  before  the deadline  below;  
The  application  forms  are  obtainable  from  the Public  Service  Commission   Offices, Farmers  House  , 2nd  Floor  , Kampala  and  the Ministry  /Department /Local  Government  Headquarters.  The  advertisement  can also be  accessed  from  the Ministry  of  Internal  Affairs  .
Applicants must attach  copies  of academic  documents  and a  recent  passport  photograph.

Deadline:  05 /08 /2013


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