Victoria University- Kampala Uganda

Victoria University Kampala will bring world class higher education study and research opportunities to prospective students in sub-Saharan Africa. Our programmes are designed to meet the development needs of Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa but are benchmarked to international standards represented by the Bologna Framework and modern British educational practice.

Victoria University Vision

At Victoria University, Kampala, we believe that access to higher education should transcend national boundaries. We are committed to developing educational opportunities which conform to the highest international standards through collaborative academic partnerships with leading British universities.

Our unique approach to learning has the potential to revitalise higher education throughout Central and East Africa. We are confident that Victoria University will become the higher and professional education provider of choice for those who study and work in Uganda, neighbouring countries and beyond.

We aim to establish a supportive, intellectually diverse academic community. They will find themselves at the heart of a dynamic learning experience in a well organised and fully equipped environment. In return, we expect them to work hard and develop a professional, career-oriented approach their studies.

Our programmes incorporate the very latest international developments in academic research and technology. However, content is also geared toward the specific development needs of sub-Saharan Africa.

Programmes in Business and Management, Accounting, Computing and Business Information Systems, Public Health and Nursing Science will be introduced in 2011.

These will soon be followed by qualifications in Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine. An Applied Science and Technology programme will focus on the emerging oil and gas industries, renewable energy, safe water and public health engineering.

An African-based, internationally recognized degree will give our graduates the edge when it comes to finding work; not only in East and Central Africa, but with leading employers around the world. Victoria University will be at the forefront of training and inspiring the next generation of African leaders and professionals

Academic Calendar


Academic year consists of 30 weeks divided into 3 terms of equal length plus an additional induction period.

Summer term: Monday 18th July- Friday 16th September 2011 ( International Foundation Programme only)

Autumn term: Monday 26th September – Friday 9th December 2011

Winter term: Monday 9th January – Friday 16th March 2012

Spring term: Monday 16th April – Friday 22nd June 2012


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