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Job Title:Health Systems and Service Delivery Specialist, Kampala
Closing Date: Monday, 27 February 2012
George Street, Kampala

Position Title: Health Systems and Service Delivery Specialist Level of Position: L3 Duration of Appointment: One Year Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda Type of Appointment: Temporary

* Purpose of the Job

The selected candidate will contribute to the management and implementation of UNICEF's health systems and logistics support activities. The incumbent will focus on provision of technical assistance to the MoH at national level and in focus districts in their capacity to accelerate the implementation of a minimum package of high impact maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition interventions through 'Child Health Days'. Under the direct guidance of the Coordinator for quarterly Child Health Days, the incumbent will manage the supply and logistics operations underpinning the quarterly delivery of a package of key maternal and child health interventions and lead the strengthening of the logistics and supply side of the Uganda National Expanded Programme for Immunization (UNEPI). Advanced professional technical expertise is required on capacity development of government partners; on the establishment and maintenance of effective supply and logistic processes and systems for public health programmes, including experience in the identification of critical supply/logistics bottlenecks and means to overcome these. The incumbent will be accountable for effective planning, requisitioning, distribution, and inventory management of supplies required for timely delivery of quarterly Child Health Days (vaccination, deworming, vitamin A, etc.) in up to 60 districts of Uganda, and for provision of technical and logistical support to UNEPI to ensure implementation of supply-specific recommendations aimed at strengthening routine immunization. In addition, some routine logistics/supply support to Alive Section will need to be provided to improve on ordering and management of supplies other than those required for quarterly delivery of Child Health Days and for immunization. 2. Key Accountabilities, Duties & Tasks
Within the delegated authority and under the given organizational set-up, the incumbent may be assigned the primarily, shared, or contributory accountabilities for all or part of the following areas of major duties and key end-results.

a) Provide rapid and relevant responses to existing and evolving logistics and supply needs

* Responsible for logistics/supply planning in Alive Section through close coordination with the relevant Alive Section technical staff and the Operations Sections. Provides technical advice on specifications, supply and logistics arrangements, thus facilitating cost-effective and efficient procurement, customs clearance, inventory management and distribution of supplies and equipment, in support of programme implementation under Alive Section.
* Participate in the Country Programme strategy planning preview and reviews to advise on supply/logistics requirements for Annual Work Plans/Rolling Work Plans. Develops and implements plans for the release and distribution of supplies to all Alive project sites/partners.

b) Ensure sound, accurate supply/logistics management systems, procedures and documentation and regular, accurate reporting to maintain the highest level of integrity, standards and accountability.
* Prepare the Alive supply status reports required for donor reports, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, appeals, etc.
* Regularly create and communicate accurate inventory tracking, inventory aging and incoming supplies information to Alive staff and support them on the timely ordering and dispatch of programme supplies.

c) Provide effective capacity-building to UNICEF, Government of Uganda (GoU) and partner staff, to support implementation of effective logistics systems and enhance efficient, effective and timely supply delivery
* Plan, design and conduct training for Alive Section staff and counterparts in supply management, distribution and inventory management of supplies and equipment, to ensure that supplies are delivered on time and that there is limited to no wastage of resources. Provide effective coaching to UNICEF staff, partner organizations and GoU counterparts as required.
* To lead the review of existing supply and logistics related recommendations from a series of EPI reviews with GoU counterparts and other key partners, and draw up a clear action plan to address these with urgency, including details on the roles and responsibilities of these partners and their financial contributions towards overcome existing EPI supply/logistics bottlenecks. Provide leadership, coaching and support throughout the process, and make substantial active contributions towards affecting the required modifications in the logistics and supply systems underpinning immunization in Uganda.

d) Collaboration and Partnership
* Coordinate closely with the Operations Section on supply planning for Alive Section, providing key inputs on procurement specifications and supply administration, with particular emphasis on supplies required for the quarterly Child Health Days and for all types of immunization activities (campaigns and routine).
* Team with the Operations Section to facilitate distribution of supplies and equipment required for programmes implemented by Alive Section.
* Develop and maintain partnership and collaborative relations with UNICEF, GoU, UN agencies, and bilateral counterparts in supply and logistics activities including distribution, monitoring supply inputs, and inventory.
* Inform Alive Section staff of slow moving inventory, upcoming field distributions or deliveries, incoming materials and quality issues to ensure maximum use of available transportation, warehousing space, manpower and other resources. 3. Key End Results


Sound, accurate supply planning and logistics management systems, procedures and documentation, as well as regular and accurate reporting, are in place to support timely quarterly delivery of Child Health Days in up to 60 districts of Uganda, while ensuring the highest level of integrity, standards and accountability.

Networks have been established and are being maintained for regular coordination with the central MoH and district health officials for a coordinated logistic and supply plan to ensure high quality and timely delivery of quarterly Child Health Days and to improve on related supply and logistics system at the national and regional levels;

Supply and logistics related recommendations from reviews of the EPI programme, particularly those related to strengthening the cold chain and vaccine logistics, have been addressed in collaboration with UNEPI and other partners. Regional supply hubs are in place and a cost-effective strategy for distribution of vaccines, gas and supplies to the districts has been developed with the government and is being implemented.

Technical leadership, support, coaching and training on logistics and supplies has been provided to UNICEF Alive Section staff, particularly those involved in the delivery of the quarterly Child Health Days, implementing partners and to UNEPI staff, where appropriate, and has enhanced efficient, effective and timely delivery of supplies.

All supplies required under Alive Section, particularly those for quarterly delivery of Child Health Days and for immunization, have been requisitioned on time with accurate and complete technical specifications and in close collaboration with the UNICEF Uganda Supply Division.

An up-to-date stock inventory is being routinely monitored for Alive Section, with supplies being dispatched to partners within the maximum agreed storage period, and all supplies in the warehouse are dispatched at minimum six months before expiry.


Education: Advanced university degree in Business Administration, Management, International Development, or specialization in directly related areas including credited courses in public health , supply, or logistics. Equivalent educational qualification in relevant areas (logistics operations/management, public health systems, etc.)
Experience in public health , particularly the control of vaccine preventable diseases, is an advantage.

Work Experience: Eight years of relevant professional work experience. Both national and international work experience in supply, logistics, purchasing, contracting, administration, health systems strengthening and/or other related fields, and experience in strengthening the supply-side of national immunization programmes.

Competency Profile:

i) Core Values (Required)
* Commitment
* Diversity and Inclusion
* Integrity ii) Core Competencies (Required)
* Communication [II]
* Drive for Result [II]
* Working With People [II] iii) Functional Competencies (Required)
* Applying Technical Expertise [II]
* Deciding and Initiating Actions [II]
* Following Instructions and Procedures [II]
* Leading and Supervising [II]
* Planning and Organizing [II] iv) Technical Knowledge
* Specific Technical Knowledge Required (for the job)
* Knowledge of supply chain management in a developing country context
* Mastery of technical knowledge (product knowledge, market research/analysis) required for Supply Management/Purchasing/Contracting (e.g., vaccine, equipment, medical supplies , contracts, customs function, taxation, insurance, etc.)
* Knowledge of relevant Information Technology software

Fluency in oral and written English is essential

How to apply:

To apply, send a letter of interest, P11/CV to . Applications must be received by 27 February 2012.

Deadline:27 February 2012.


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