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Job Title: Marketing and Business Development Coordinator- Essential Child Medicines
Job Location      Uganda, Kampala     Type      Full-Time Paid
Business Unit      In-Country Operations        
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About the Clinton Health Access Initiative:

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems in the developing world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. CHAI’s solution-oriented approach focuses on improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment; accelerating access to life-saving technologies; and helping governments build the capacity to provide high-quality treatment.

Since its establishment in 2002 by President William J. Clinton, CHAI has worked on the demand and supply sides of the market to help more than 2 million HIV+ people access treatment—representing nearly half of all people on HIV treatment in developing countries. Building on this model, CHAI has expanded its scope to include efforts to strengthen healthcare delivery systems and to combat malaria and childhood illnesses.

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Position: Marketing and business development coordinator- Essential Child Medicines

Location: Kampala, Uganda


Diarrhea kills roughly two million children every year worldwide. In Uganda, diarrhea is responsible for ~15,000 child deaths, approximately 10% of all child mortality (third behind only malaria and pneumonia). This is in spite of the fact that a simple, highly-effective, and affordable treatment solution exists in the form of oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc. However, diarrhea remains grossly neglected: from 2007-2011, $6.5 billion of global funds were allocated to address HIV/AIDS; while only 0.23% of this figure ($15 million) was used to tackle diarrhea. This imbalance is now being addressed through an international effort, of which CHAI has been a driving member, leading to the development of treatment scale up programs in 10 high burden countries, including Uganda.

In Uganda, a program to scale-up diarrhea treatment with ORS and zinc is being undertaken by CHAI in partnership with the Ministry of Health. The problem is that these treatments are caught in a market trap: low levels of consumer/caregiver awareness about the appropriate treatment lead to poor demand for these products; this results in an anemic market, which provides no incentive for suppliers to optimize distribution networks, promote the products, or reduce margins; this, in turn, leads to a lack of availability, unaffordable prices, and minimal marketing – completing the vicious cycle and ensuring that consumer access is repressed. CHAI now seeks to break this vicious cycle by addressing both demand and supply-side barriers to access.


The Marketing and Business Development Coordinator for Essential Child Medicines will be responsible for leading the design and implementation of an ambitious, large-scale demand generation campaign to increase awareness around the recommended zinc and ORS treatment for diarrhea.  This demand generation campaign will be focused on two fronts: (1) a concerted effort to improve the ORS and zinc prescription practices of health providers, and (2) a communication campaign to increase awareness and demand for zinc and ORS amongst consumers/care-givers.

This work will likely involve briefing, selecting and working with an experienced marketing agency to design materials, coordinate messaging through multiple channels, and monitor effectiveness over multiple years. The Marketing and Business Development Coordinator will be responsible for developing and coordinating high-impact marketing and promotion partnerships with the Ministry of Health, implementing NGOs, social businesses and religious bureaus to reach people at the bottom of the pyramid.  This role will involve heavy implementation and will require a very “hands-on” approach.

CHAI is seeking a highly motivated individual with an exemplary record of leadership and project management. Successful candidates will have excellent communications skills, be able to function independently, be self-motivated, have the ability to thrive in challenging environments, and have a strong commitment to excellence. We place great value on relevant personal qualities: independence, flexibility, resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, energy, and work ethic.

The Coordinator will spend ~15% of his/her time travelling domestically, primarily to regions with limited facilities.


•        Development, coordination and implementation of a large-scale nationwide marketing plan that incorporates various forms of media, social mobilization and interpersonal communication (IPC) to increase awareness and demand for zinc and ORS

•        Develop a robust media/channel strategy that will ensure maximum value for money and that incorporates use of innovative media and non-media options

•        Coordination (alongside a partner organization) of a national effort to train health providers in the proper treatment of diarrhea in children with ORS and zinc

•        Ongoing management and coordination of market research to inform the development of the marketing strategy, potentially including focus groups, surveys and data analysis

•        Manage all aspects of the campaign including campaign planning, media buying, etc.

•        Manage the relationship with creative and media planning agencies and be the interface between the creative team, the team at CHAI and other stakeholders for rolling out an effective campaign

•        Monitoring and evaluation of marketing efforts, and generation of regular progress reports

•        Foster relationships with other partners implementing marketing plans for ORS & zinc to ensure optimal co-ordination of communication messages 

Business development

•        Develop partnership with NGO, Social Businesses and religious organization to streamline key messages about diarrhea management and leverage their distribution capacities to reach population at the bottom of the pyramid

•        Explore sales and marketing opportunities beyond traditional pharmaceutical distribution channels: scope the opportunities and provide recommendations

•        Act as the focal point between these partners and CHAI

•        Minimum of 4-year experience in an advertising or marketing function in the private sector, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership

•        Experience developing insight led marketing campaigns.

•        Exceptional project management skills and attention to detail. Ability to create budget and ensure follow up

•        Experience working in cross-functional teams to understand how other areas of a business impact marketing (such as sales, supply chain and regulatory functions)

•        Entrepreneurial mindset and strong self-motivation

•        Demonstrated success in coordinating partners and developing relationships in order to drive a multi-stakeholder process

•        Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and be effective under tight deadlines and in high-pressure situations

•        Strong problem solving skills and quantitative analytical capabilities, including fluency in Excel

•        Ability to develop and execute a coherent demand generation strategy, amidst substantial ambiguity and changing circumstances

•        Strong work ethic and flexibility


•        Advanced degree in business, marketing, or a related field

•        Experience working in partnership with not-for-profit organizations

•        Experience in promoting Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Over-the-Counter (OTC) healthcare products

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Closing Date; 17/07/2013


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