Project Behavioral Scientist Job Vacanct- Amref Employment Opportunity

Job title: Project Behavioral Scientist CDC 1020
Location: Kampala
Reporting to: Programme Manager

Job Objective
The job holder will lead the scientific behavioral change implementation of the CDC 1020 in designated areas in the Central and Northern Regions of Uganda. The project will focus on increasing awareness about control measures against sexually transmitted HIV by penetrating the inner secret world of the beneficiaries. S/he will promote stake- holder involvement in the development and operationalisation of appropriate BCC strategy that will lead to positive Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) among the target population. S/he will work closely with the Programme Manager, and other stakeholders to develop appropriate 1EC materials, adapted to the local languages and cultures.

Description of duties
*Plan and coordinate the implementation of behavioral change activities in the project.
* Train and supervise VHTs, health workers, counselors, and communities at large in IBC for BCC.
* Contribute lo formulating behavioral change strategies and methods to increase demand and uptake of Safe Male Circumcision and to generate behavior change measures.
* Partner with district local government to train relevant stakeholders on strategies to reduce and/or manage sexually transmitted HIV, increase access of services to the beneficiaries, and ensure that the behavioral change messages are attractive, understandable, and circulated. * Work with all relevant stakeholders, especially ACP and CDC, to identify, design, and implement BCC strategies, facilitate usage and ensure constant information flow.
*Liaise with District Health Teams to promote, review/develop, track and use health : indicators in behavioral change practices and identify best practices that can be translated into scale-up activities.
* Work with all relevant stakeholders to promote the National Communication Strategy (2010) on SM C and propose the rationale for circumcision to the directly concerned stakeholders in the area.
* Monitor performance indicators and progress against milestones.
* Work with the District Health Team to educate VHTs and beneficiaries on sexually transmitted HIV management.
* Develop appropriate IEC and other behavior change communication materials in coordination with CDC, ACP and District Health Teams and ensure appropriate translation into local languages, distribution, and utilization.

Qualifications and Relevant experience,
* Degree in Social Sciences, Pyschology, Counseling or a closely related field, with preference to experience with health and/or HIV programmes.
* 3 years working experience implementing health-related behavior change interventions, using individual, small-group and community -based approaches.
*Experience implementing activities in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.
* Experience in conducting training at the community level for community health workers.
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To apply, please send your CV and cover letter, with 3 work-related referees, including copies of certificates, salary history, and available start dates to the address or e-mail below. All Envelopes shall be clearly marked: 'AMREF-Job applied for-CDC 1 020-area of preference’. No emails must exceed 2MB

Closing date is 5pm Wednesday 3¬rd November 2010

People Performance Group
Plot 8 Kitante Close, Kitante
P.O. Box 1240S, Kampala Uganda
Attn.: The Director
While we thank all applicants for your interest, only those selected for interview will be contacted. Any form of lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification.


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