Application for Danida, Denmark Scholarships

Application procedures must follow the procedures stipulated in the Guidelines for Danida Fellowships. The fellowship form and the application form for residence permit are available at the local Danish Embassy or they can be downloaded under Forms.
The fellowship form is to be filled in by the applicant, the Danida programme/ project and the Embassy Desk Officer in order to ensure that the training is within the framework of national sector plans for capacity building.
The grant of fellowship is binding. Many expenses e.g. study fees are committed at the time of grant. Cancellations are therefore not acceptable, as it is often too late to find another candidate for the place already paid for. Especially for the interdisciplinary courses cancellations are most unfortunate, as many qualified applicants may have been turned down.

For fellows staying in Denmark less than 90 days with a fixed study period - please contact the relevant Embassy to obtain Schengen Visa.
For fellows staying in Denmark more than 90 days, DFC will forward the form "Application for a residence permit for students" (ST1) in due time prior to departure for Denmark. Part 2 of the form is filled in by DFC. The fellow should fill in part 1 and hand it over to the relevant Embassy.

The application procedure described above is applicable regardless of whether the training is financed by the central fellowship grant or by Danida programme/project grants.

Applicants for studies in United Kingdom have to fill in both the British Council Application Form and the Danida Fellowship Form.


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