Action Against Hunger Job Opportunity in Uganda

Job Title: Administration Coordinator

Closing Date: Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Job Objectives:


Activities (National Staff): (Total of about 200 national staff) • Discussing and making decisions of “right-sizing” in coordination with the Country Director, when needed • Implementing a training policy (defining the needs, searching for options and follow-up), • Responsible for Admin trainings in the mission for Admin staff and other profiles staff. • Keeping all the internal regulations and administrative procedures of the mission updated in accordance with the Ugandan Employment Act & ACF Staff regulations, • Responsible for general staff management in coordination with the Technical Coordinators, • Management and supervision (including staff reviews) of the administrative staff (Admin/finance Assistant, Capital HR Officer, Base Admin, Cleaners, Housekeepers,), • Maintaining and updating the national staff personnel files: staff individual forms, contracts, identification papers, warning letters, proof of dependants, holiday, NSSF, insurance, etc. • Making sure that job descriptions are updated (in coordination with Technical Coordinators), • Recruitment and interviewing with Technical Supervisor,

Activities (International Staffs staff):

• Administrative and financial briefing to the new International Staffs, • Responsible for International Staff’s administrative file: work permit/visa with immigration, registration with respective embassy, break, annual leave, tickets flights, vaccination, local insurance, taxation, timesheet, fiche retour.. • Responsible for International Staff’s living conditions in Kampala: organization and running supplies of the Kampala guest house, food, hygiene products, per diem… • Liaison with NY on all the relevant information about International Staffs, • Keeping proper files updated concerning medical coverage and insurance of International Staffs,

Activities (General): • Organizing and running the Administration Department, • Responsible of rental contract: legal aspects for premises and vehicles, • Following up all insurance policies (Workers compensation, health insurance, Public Liability, Car insurances, fire and burglary, machinery breakdown) and ensuring that all of them remain relevant, efficient and valid, as well as all the insurance claims, • Following the legal issues (court cases etc.) in collaboration with the lawyer if needed, under the direct supervision of the Country Director • Participating at the coordination meetings, • Participating in the country strategy planning, • Administrative meetings with the admin team, • Organizing meetings with Staff Representatives (and elections), • Organizing disciplinary panels when needed, • ACF representation when needed , • Contacts with other NGO Administrators in Uganda, to share problems/solutions etc.

Objective 2: ACCOUNTANCY Activities (Accounting): (Kampala,Gulu, Lira, Moroto and Kaabong) • Checking that all the expenses made in Uganda are: - AUTHORIZED (through signed order forms) and so related to financed budgets, - Reasonable (that Prices and Quantities are justified and that quotations are got) - Properly justified (quality of the invoices/receipts, description, etc.) - Properly entered in the accountancy (accounting/budget codes, etc.) • Checking-up on all the expenses made in HQ or other missions for Uganda (intercos): accounting/budget codes, • Monthly report: saga, treasury sheet, burn report, class 4, • Following Advances on indemnity (expats), • Following loans and advance to local staff, • Making sure that the proper files are sent on time to the NY Finance Dept. • Supervising the proper filing of the accountancy (both chronological and financial per budget) • Sending comments/questions to Base about irregularities in their accountancy and making sure to get feedbacks • Responsible of internal and external audits. • As the mission is funded through numerous WFP grants, which ask for a monthly follow up of original accountabilities for reimbursement : implementation and follow up of a strict system that allows this to happen. • Follow up of reimbursements and financial issues with donors.

Activities (Cash/Bank flows) • Cash flow follow-up: Compilation of field and capital cash forecasts and sending cash request to NY; bank transfers; withdrawals; transfers to the field… • Managing bank accounts (USD and UGX): withdrawals and transfers preparation forms, statements collection, cheques deposit, continuous provisioning… • Signing and controlling the orders forms (quotations etc.) before writing the cheques, • Cash control with the Admin/Finance Assistant, • Checking bank reconciliation, • Implementing and following up the necessary procedures for a proper cash/bank management

Objective 3: FINANCE Activities: • Budget proposals in coordination with the coordination team, • Monthly Cash projection and budget follow-up (BFU) shared information to the mission and the HQ • Financial reports to donors, including regular submission of receipts to selected donors • Monthly update of Expats/National staff funding plan, • Keeping the Country Director and NY informed about any expected or encountered problem • Ensuring proper use of budgets, • Checking the “structure” expenses and implementing rules if necessary, • Responsible for internal and external audit, • Making sure that any donor specific rules are respected (supplies rules, quotations, etc.), • Being available to give explanations about Budgets (Budget lines, Balance, Extension, etc.) to any Coordinator or Manager,

Objective 4: OTHER Activities: • Capacity building of the Administration team, • Field support: field visits, transmission of relevant information on procedures, contracts, general financial info, etc… • Informing and Advising the Head of Region and Base Administrator having cash and safe responsibilities about basic rules to respect, • Being aware about costs of living and prices in Uganda, • Updating the International Staffs Per diem and living costs, in coordination with the Country Director and the Human Resources in NY, according to living costs, • Updating break allowance and break transport allowance, in coordination with the Country Director and the Human Resources in NY, according to updated prices, • Representation: attending meetings with donors when financially related, • Looking for any kind of practical administrative improvement Qualifications:

Education / specific degree / special skills : • Administration/Economics or other related field, • Mature, organized, rigorous and able to deal with stress, • A previous experience in of minimum two years in HR and finance management especially in coordination is necessary, • Knowledge of Saga (if not, appropriate training should be organized with ACF before arrival in Uganda) • Good knowledge of Excel (pivot table etc.), Word and Saga or any relevant software/Outlook • Experience with ECHO/OFDA/UN agencies rules and guidelines appreciated, • Experience with legal issues appreciated and able to work in conflict areas, • Humanitarian experience appreciated, • Training skills appreciated, • Experience in Africa appreciated.

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