Post Graduate Degree Courses at Nkumba University, Uganda (Masters at PhD)

Programme - PhD
School of Business Administration

* Doctor Of Philosophy

Programme - Masters
School of Business Administration

* Masters in Business Administration
* Master of Science (M. Sc.) Accounting and Finance
* Master of Science (Masc.) in Management
* Master of Science (M. Sc.) Marketing
* M. Sc. Computing & Information System
* M. Sc. Finance &Financial Information System
* M. Sc. Information Technology
* M. Sc. Management Information Systems

School of Commercial/Industrial Art & Design

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School of Hospitality & Environment Sciences

* Master of Science in International Tourism
* Master of Science in Environment Management

School of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences

* MA - Political Science
* MA - Public Administration and Management
* MA - Sociology
* MA - International Relations and Diplomacy
* MA - Development Studies
* MA - Educational Management and Planning
* Masters of Education
* MA - Business Education


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