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Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Overall Objective
The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will assist MoES in implementing the M and E functions of the project by taking the overall responsibility for Monitoring and Evalu-ation tasks in the Projects.

* An honors degree in Development Economics, Statistics or related field from a recognized university;
Good knowledge in the application of the Log Frame Approach in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation;

* A minimum of 2 years working experience directly relevant to duties of the position;
Conversant with use and application of both quantitative and qualitative M and E methods with strong analytical skills;

•Possession of excellent written anti spoken English with strong report writing and presentation skills;
•Must have excellent computer skills, preferably with other or more common database packages; and
•Ability to work with minimum supervision with high level of integrity and interpersonal skills.

Duties and responsibilities
* Establish an effective and participatory M and E system to ensure value for money.
*Coordinate revision of the project strategies with key stakeholders to ensure an updated and shared understanding of the strategies and information needs.
Based on the project budgets, design a framework for the physical and process monitoring of project activities process monitoring of project activities.
*Guide staff and implementing partners in preparing their progress reports.
Together, analyze these reports in terms of problems and actions needed.
*Prepare consolidated progress reports for project management to submit to the relevant bodies, in accordance with approved reporting formats and timing.
• Review monitoring reports; analyze them for impact evaluation and to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation. Collaborate with staff and implementing partners on qualitative monitoring to provide relevant information for ongoing evaluation of project activities, effects and impacts.
• Ensure that, in general, project monitoring arrangements comply with the project loan agreement and, in particular, the provisions of this agreement are fully observed in the design of project M and E.
*Prepare reports on M and E findings, as required, working closely with technical staff and implementing partners.
*Guide the regular sharing of the outputs of M and E findings with project staff, implementing partners and primary stakeholders.
*Participate in external missions and facilitate mission team members' access to M and E data and to stakeholders.
* Establish an effective and participatory M and E system to ensure value for money
* Any other duties assigned by the supervisor
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Please deliver your sealed applications to,

Head-Procurement and Disposal Unit
King George VI Way; Room 7.2 Floor 7-Embassy Building
PO Box 7063

The closing date is November 10, 2010


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