IHK- International Hospital Kampala Jobs Vacancy- Career

IHK seeks a motivated and qualified individual to oversee the Biomedical Department, ensuring
efficient use and/or maintenance of financial/ human resources, medical/ electrical equipment and
• A good Bachelors of Science Degree and additional training in engineering, preferably
• Practical electrical, electronics and technical skills preferably with experience in use/ repair/
maintenance of medical equipment
• Experience or ability to supervise a team and administrative processes
• A strong interest in the integration of engineering and medicine;
• Excellent communication skills in order to liaise with a wide variety of people and good
attention to detail;
• The ability to combine a high degree of technical knowledge with creativity;
• The ability to maintain equipment in effective and practical as well as cost effective
• Commercial awareness, in order to appreciate a product prices and ROI;
• Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure
• Strong people-management skills
• Understanding of basic finance, accounting and procurement procedures in a medical setting
• Computer skills, especially MS office

Specific Job Descriptions
1. Organise the department, and introduce systems of operation that ensure efficiency
2. Manage the team to maintain those systems and ensure continuous imporvement
3. Perform a variety of routine tasks associated with the installation and maintenance of a diverse range of
clinical equipment
4. Assemble, repair, commission and maintain clinical, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and basic electronic
devices and equipment according to specifications.
5. Execution of planned preventive maintenance (PPM) program
6. Diagnose and correct system and equipment malfunctions by making repairs to ensure that clinical
equipment and internal circuit meet specified requirements
7. Make necessary calculations for computing circuit elements necessary to adjust circuitry to specified
8. Provide training for technical or clinical staff with regard to proper operation of clinical equipment of the
department train; including ensuring that new staff are inducted with the aim of maintaining safe/ proper/
responsible use of equipment
9. Liaise closely with other medical professionals, such as doctors and therapists, and with end-users
(patients and their carers)
10. Notify user departmental managers regarding status of repairs and works of equipment within their
11. Provide replacement equipment as required
12. Maintain professional appearance and demeanour
13. Abide by all company policies and procedures
14. Troubleshoot problems; and repair or reset equipment until it works correctly
15. Assess the potential wider need for products or modifications suggested by health professionals or others
16. Liaise with technicians, users and manufacturers to ensure the feasibility of a product in terms of design
and economic viability;
17. Conduct research to solve clinical problems using a variety of means to collate the necessary information,
including questionnaires, interviews and group conferences
18. Discuss and solve problems with quality, clinical, operational and purchasing departments
19. Write reports and attend meetings or conferences to present your work and keep abreast with latest
20. Meet with senior health service staff or other managers to exchange findings and agree on action plans/
interventions as needed
21. Deal with technical queries from users or hospital managers and giving advice on equipment
22. Investigate safety-related incidents
23. Keep up to date with new developments in the field.

To apply
Applications with a CV and 3 references will be accepted until position is filled.
The Human Resource Manager
International Hospital Kampala
P.O. Box 8177,
Kampala, Uganda

Deadline: 10/3/2011


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