Nurse Unit Manager- Nursing Jobs in Uganda at International Hospital Kampala (IHK)

Job Title: Nurse Unit Manager:
International Hospital Kampala is a 100-bed capacity private hospital employing approximately 170 full time
nursing staff. Departments at the hospital include medical surgical adult and paediatrics, obstetrics,
outpatients, ICU and operating theatres. The organisation is seeking for qualified, highly motivated
competent persons to take on the roles of nurse unit manager (NUM) in various departments within the
hospital. The identified persons will oversee and direct the activities of the nurses in these specific
departments at the hospital.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience
The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor's degree in nursing. A specialization in a specific
area of nursing is ideal. The individual must be licensed or eligible for licensure by the Uganda Nurses &
Midwives Council (UNMC)
At least three (3) years of nursing experience in a specific clinical specialty, as well as previous
supervisory experience. A sound clinical background and the ability to provide direction and share skills
is essential
Demonstrated excellence in written and verbal communication, computer literacy
Demonstrated commitment to customer service and quality improvement
Demonstrated knowledge and skills related to medical, operational, systems and human resources
management to successfully maintain excellent nursing care for the department
Additional qualities include strong leadership, demonstrable experience in mentoring other nurses, resilience
and the ability to adapt to situations and innovate

1. Leadership – leading change, interventions, skills development and continuous learning initiatives, etc
2. Mentoring/ coaching, facilitating and empowering nursing staff
3. Through this, developing nurse leaders able to independently and proactively drive change, push
implementation, hold themselves & teams accountable, solve problems, etc
4. Creating an innovative culture
5. Promoting cross-functional/ interdisciplinary collegiality, clinical governance, accountability
6. Promoting best practice
7. To develop a highly-skilled and efficient team
8. To ensure the delivery of a quality service for our clients.
9. To direct the nursing staff regarding appropriate clinical practices to ensure quality care to patients - This
includes mentoring and educating nurses, working with other medical professionals
10. Serving as a resource to all staff within the unit regarding the quality of services provided by the nursing
11. Providing hands-on care to patients along with the nurses to ensure quality care and to maintain current
clinical skills
12. Regular liaison to manage resources, supplies and equipment as needed.
13. Working with other managers to maintain overall compliance of the unit.

To apply
Applications with a CV and 3 references will be accepted until position is filled.
The Human Resource Manager
International Hospital Kampala
P.O. Box 8177,
Kampala, Uganda

Deadline: 8th/3/2011


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