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Closing Date: Monday, 08 November 2010

Job # 102078
Job Title Sr Transport. Spec.
Job Family Transportation
Location Kampala, Uganda
Appointment International Hire
Job Posted 15-Oct-2010
Closing Date 08-Nov-2010
Language Requirements English [Essential]
Appointment Type
Background / General description
Please note: Staff with regular or open ended appointments must have a re-entry to their department if selected. 1. The Government of Uganda (GoU) has prepared a National Transport Master Plan (NTMP). The overall objective of the NTMP is to reduce poverty in Uganda in line with the National Development Plan (NDP 2010/11 – 2014/15). Development Partners (DPs) jointly with GoU contribute to the implementation of the NTMP. To ensure the achievement of the objectives of the NTMP a GoU led coordination mechanism is in place with annual Joint Transport Sector Review (JTSR) meetings and quarterly performance reviews, where progress against the targets set is reviewed and discussed with sector stakeholders. One of the six pillars of the vision set out in the NDP is “a strong federated East Africa with an effective common Market…”. The NDP considers “inadequate physical infrastructure” one of 7 binding national constraints and notes that transport costs remain a significant trade barrier (estimated implicit tax on exports of 25%). To alleviate these constraints, the NDP proposes a number of strategic actions aimed at improving road, rail, water and air transport infrastructure and services. 2. Further in support of the NTMP there is a transport sector Joint Institutional Support (JIS) framework in place supported by the various DPs active in the sector. The JIS includes (i) support to the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) to focus on its core functions which are policy setting, strategic planning, sector oversight and monitoring.; (ii) assistance to the District, Urban and Community Access Roads (DUCAR) unit of MoWT to be elevated to an Agency to better support the Local Governments’ road units and to better implement the local roads program; (iii) support to the newly created Road Fund (RF) to perform its functions; (iv) assistance to the Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) to enhance its performance; and (v) support to develop the national road construction industry. Total joint support amounts to US$65.3 million over a five year period from 2010 to 2014. 3. The Bank and DFID financed Transport Sector Development Project (TSDP) supports a three year slice of the NTMP from FY10/11 to FY12/13. In particular, it finances the paving of 160 kilometers of national roads in the north, the preparation of bidding documents for the rehabilitation and paving of a further 300 kilometers of the north – eastern corridor road, improved capacity for road safety management, and the enhancement of the capacity of MoWT and UNRA in the framework of the above described JIS. The Government also envisions investments in other key transport sub-sectors including rail, road, lake and inland waterway, and air transport, to be financed from a mix of national, private and development partner sources. Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year renewable term appointment.
Duties and Accountabilities
# 4. Development partners as a whole have not been adequately engaged in dialogue with the GOU. There has been insufficient push and support for the government’s reform plans, and inadequate challenge on the lack of progress towards improving transport sector interventions in general, and road safety, district road maintenance, and links between roads and poverty reduction, in particular. 5. It is therefore proposed to employ a Senior Transport Sector Specialist based at the World Bank Kampala Office to (i) support GoU and development partners to enhance the implementation of the transport program, (ii) to engage with government on sector reform issues, including managing the reform elements of TSDP and, (iii) support government’s ability to prioritize investment program and to formulate appropriate policy focusing on improving transport infrastructure and services. 6. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist would work closely with the Senior Highway Specialist and other relevant officers of the World Bank, as well as the DFID Infrastructure Specialist of the DFID Kampala Office. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist will also work closely with the DFID financed Implementation Specialist who is proposed to be placed at MoWT to assist MoWT to implement the capacity building components of TSDP. 7. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist will interact closely with the various agencies responsible for the transport sector in Uganda, including the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT), Uganda National Roads Authority, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), Uganda Road Fund and with the other sector development partners, particularly the EC, AfDB, DANIDA and JICA. 8. One of the constraints in the sector is the lack of dissemination of up-to-date sector knowledge. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist would also be tasked with (i) implementing relevant sector studies, (ii) organizing workshops and learning events, and (iii) ensuring knowledge sharing through other relevant means such as the establishment of a web-site. 9. An important area to be addressed in the sector is the lack of monitoring and evaluation capacity. As part of the capacity building, TSDP plans to assist the buildup of a Transport Sector Data Management System (TSDMS) at MoWT. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist would advise on such system and ensure that it will capture relevant economic data that are necessary to formulate an informed decision making. 10. It is expected that the Senior Transport Sector Specialist will contribute to a more effective and efficient transport sector in Uganda, though the following outputs: Improved implementation of the transport program by GoU
# Improved World Bank/DFID and other development partner strategic engagement in the transport sector
# Improved debate and dialogue with Government and development partners in the transport sector
# Transport sector activities and outcomes reflected in joint budget support operation and the associated results framework
# Improved division of labor and collaboration between development partners
# Advisory inputs provided to World Bank/DFID’s programs on transport institutions and regional integration
# Strengthened links between transport and economic growth and between the World Bank’s project portfolio and overarching strategic transport issues in Uganda
# Strengthening of the links between NTMP and the goals of East African integration 11. Based in the World Bank Office in Kampala, the Senior Transport Sector Specialist will develop a general work plan that will be agreed by MoWT, World Bank and DFID. Indicative activities include:
# engaging strategically with GoU and development partners on issues related to transport and economic growth;
# challenging GoU and development partners’ approaches in the transport sector where appropriate;
# carry out the production of relevant studies and ensure their disseminations;
# conduct workshop and learning events based on the outputs of these studies;
# improving links between strategic initiatives in the transport sector and the World Bank’s project portfolio;
# participating in joint sector meetings and reviews;
# supporting Development Partners engagement with the transport sector in Uganda, including as appropriate through trade facilitation
# engaging in the transport relevant regional events and advise GoU on improved linkage with the NTMP
# executing other tasks, as assigned, related to the World Bank’s support to the transport sector in Uganda; and
# providing support to cross cutting country and regional office strategic activities when called upon. Timeframe 12. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist post will be supported for 3 years. Reporting 13. The Senior Transport Sector Specialist will be part of the Uganda transport team and report to the Africa Transport Sector Manager based in Washington, DC and the Country Manager in Kampala, Uganda. The Bank will regularly update DFID on the individual’s performance and any changes to the ToRs will be agreed upon jointly.
Selection Criteria
# 14. The candidate shall hold a masters or doctoral degree in economics, transport, public administration, public policy, or engineering. The successful candidate will have the following characteristics: Excellent understanding of sector policies and practices in the transport sector, particularly in sub Saharan African countries
# Excellent knowledge of transport economics and transport and trade facilitation
# Good understanding of institutional/organizational reforms
# Proven track record of leading high level policy dialogue
# Good understanding of aid effectiveness principles
# Experience with capacity development
# Ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-discipline environment
# Excellent verbal and written communications skills; ability to communicate ideas effectively and to write quickly and clearly
# Specific knowledge of Uganda or East African Community countries would be an asset
# At least eight years of relevant experience in transport sector analysis, and lead transport policy dialogue with government authorities.


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